Food App – @FIRSTEAT

Do you feel hungry in the morning and have no one to make homely food for you?

You remember your mom who at home wont let you go out for work before you obey her #PEHLEKHAO, Fir Jao” command!

Are you overweight and want to go on a diet control?

You don’t want to neglect and abuse your breakfast, coz you know that if you don’t have a healthy and satisfying breakfast – you sure are going to have a bad day ahead.

Your answer is yes to the above questions and you are looking out for a food app that will help you order your breakfast. But you are confused about what to do, which food app to rely on etc. as now a days you get many a food apps on Google play and Apple store android which help you choose lavish food.

But you said you are looking for diet control and you are calorie-conscious. Also you want fresh food that tastes just like what your mom used to cook at home. So what to do now?

Chill guys, your wait is over, we now have a food app, #FirstEat, a start-up food app which caters to people who are looking for freshly prepared healthy food.

FirstEat launched in last week of October 2015 and have been serving health conscious people. They started with breakfast first and now are into evening meals too. The app gives you various freshly prepared zero oil options. You also get complete information on the nutritional information and calorie count.

We recently had a chance to attend a bloggers meet arranged by the FirstEat team comprising of Mannat Wadehra, Rishabh Tickoo, Shitiz Dogra and Saikat Bagchi. It was a real pleasure to attend such an informative and inspiring meet conducted with complete professionalism. I would rate this meet as the best of all the meets that I have attended till now.

Seating arrangements with name tags were assigned to bloggers. Isnt that a special gesture? I loved it, and carried back my name plate with me. A small gathering (unlike most of the meets happening in town now-a days) of selected bloggers ensured a smooth and pleasant experience. This also enabled a great exchange of ideas, and ensured healthy discussions along with healthy food. Various aspects like business plans, operations and logistics, expansion plans were discussed and ideas exchanged.

The startup based in Gurgaon is currently targeting office-goers in Gurgaon only. Recently they got another seed money and with this they are now planning to expand to Delhi and nearby NCR in the next six months, increase traction on the app, and also build the technology platform, informed Mannat.

The app currently provides meals till six in the evening. They also sell subscription plans to customers for a minimum of six days to cater to their health goals and Mr Bagchi informed us that they have a repeat customer base of 77% with an average of 80-100 meals in a day. They also have tie-ups with companies such as HP, Yahoo and Ola Shuttle.

The current menu offers healthy breakfast or evening snacks prepared in minimum or zero oil delivered to your workplace, and has Vegetable Salad, Poha, Upma, Aloo Parantha box, Sauteed Idli Salad, Omlette with sauteed vegetables, Veg and Non Veg sandwiches. The meals are all freshly prepared after the order comes in and are delivered in hygienic, leak proof, microwavable bowls.

In the drinks section they offer two versions of cold pressed healthy drinks, Detox Juice (immunity booster) of Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, n Ginger and Daily Rejuvenating  Juice of Spinach, Orange, Carrot , n Ginger. They also have a Lemon – Organic Honey –Ginger – Warm Water bottle serving that helps cleanse your body to start the day on a healthy note.

During the meet we were first served the cleansing water drink which instantly gave us energy to actively participate in the discussions. This was followed by the immunity booster drink along with a serving of Veggie Salad. Poha, Idli salad, and Omlette followed and the daily rejuvenating drink was also served for our tastings.

Well, they do get full marks from us, it surely was a great session and great healthy food. It has all the requirements of a complete breakfast including fruits and veggies. (cant comment about eggs or meat – as I am a hardcore vegetarian). But looking at the satisfied faces of fellow bloggers who were relishing the zero oil omelletes, I am sure they also were as fresh, tasty and healthy as our poha and idli.

Well, the next time I am in Gurgaon for an early morning meeting, I am surely going to order my healthy meal from FirstEat, but why are Gurgaon residents waiting? Just pick up your smartphone, download the app and order your first meal straightway.



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