ADDA – Baazi at Cafe Connect

Adda Bazi – or in simple words chilling out at the street corner Tea shop with your friends, gossiping and discussing immaterial and unimportant issues…..sounds familiar guys..

Right guys, a bell ringing in your mind, reminding you of your college days, specially students or professionals living alone or in hostels- how can you forget the joys of Adda-baazi and the sweet satisfying flavours of a street shop tea in a cutting glass along with a bite of a pakora or a veg cutlet..

People from eastern states, particularly Bengal has no age boundary for this AddaBaazi, they all indulge in adda-baazi at any age, and they have groups formed according to their age.Even here in North India, adda baazi at every nook and corner of a town – settled on charpayees around a Desi Hukka, and glasses of Garam Chai in each hand.

Well, to help you re-live your Adda days, here in Delhi you have the Cafe Connect at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Though it is not what a street corner chai shop will look like, the owner has tried to retain the taste and atmosphere. Elegant modern decor, lavish seating arrangements and super tasty food and drinks served to you in artistic presentations, down to earth prices, what else can one ask for from a modern Adda joint

Being a Calcuttan, and hosteller for half my student life, I myself had been a big Adda-baaz. Infact inKolkata I used to be the hero of our Adda group where we used to discuss politics, future of our society, organise Dura Puja, Saraswati Puja, collect chandas (donations) and what not over cups and cups of strong Ginger tea. Same was the case during my hostel life in engineering college at Jaipur.

That super tasty cup of tea went missing from my life – but it certainly was a welcome glass of tea at Cafe Connect at the end of our reviewing session recently. For this glass of tea, I am sure going to visit the place at Vasant Kunj (near Chattarpur Metro Station) though it is so far and out of way from my home as well as work place.

Well, the place is very well done. Located on the ground floor, with plans to open up a restaurant  and a bar on the first floor, and also on roof top, they have a very prompt service and a very well planned menu.

We started with mock-tails and chocolate shakes and then continued on to taste some real tasty sandwiches, a great Pizza, Paneer rolls, paranthas and dim sums finishing of with some amazing pastries. And then it was the time to relish the super duper cutting adrak- kali mirch chai in kaanch ke glass.

They even had a page on their menu listing regular Adda dishes. But we opted for the regular meal stuff as it was lunch time and we were very very hungry. Not paying much attention to our fellow bloggers, I quickly placed my orders and gulped my mock-tail as soon as it was served. I was having the Tropical Delight, a mix of Papaya, Orange, Apple and Pomegranate juices.

The Paneer Bhurji with cheese and corn grilled sandwich was a stunner. Super tasty, we loved it as I travelled back in time to the late eighties when I was in Jaipur and we used to have similar sandwiches on a chai shop on a highway behind our hostels. Then came the Connect Hidden Treasures Veg Pizza. It appeared different and tasted great. Away from the leagues of Take Away Pizzas and also the thin crust Pizzas served today at most of the eateries, this was a delicious pizza. Full of veggie toppings and well-balanced seasonings – and priced only at INR 215, this should soon become a favourite of Pizza lovers in town.

Being an ex-calcuttan, rolls are my favourites, but the Paneer roll here was not as great as I was expecting. There practically was no difference between the paneer fillings of the roll when we compared it with the fillings of the sandwich. The veggie dim sum basket was satisfying and we ended up our meals with Granny’s mixed veggie parantha.

Time to choose from  30 plus varieties of pastries n cheesecakes, I went in for Chocolate Truffle, Hazel Nut and Butter Scotch pastries and enjoyed every bite of the chocolate truffle and Hazel nut pastry. Found the Butter Scotch pastry a bit too sweet and informed chef about it who gracefully accepted the suggestions.

To finish up, we now ordered an extra strong Kadah killed chai (Ginger and pepper flavoured) tea in Seesha – kaanch ke glasses. And friends, this surely was the greatest finish to a super -duper satsifying meal – full marks to the team at Cafe Connect.



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