“Kya Dilli Kya Lahore”

Do you also think that India and Pakistan are two countries separated by political compulsions? Well, I think yes, and its not just a thought, Its my feeling based on my personal experiences.

I have had Pakistani room-mates, no, no – your thoughts are null guys, it was not in India, but in USA where I was doing my Masters. Couldn’t have been possible in India – Or whats your feeling?

I was skeptical at the first instance when Harun joined me for a two seated room in my dormitory room. But then he turned out to one of the best friends I have ever had in my life, and he made me visit his home in Karachi and also took me to Lahore.

I found no difference in Lahore or Karachi when I compared the cities of Kolkata or Delhi with them. Lively people, friendly atmosphere and warm welcomes where ever I went. They did not even cook non veggie food when I was at their home.

Its really a matter of great concern, why are the two nations dubbed as Enemies, when we the people are no different and we love each other. At the end of the day, for me it just pins down to the fact that all this politics have created this.

DSCF2817So when Huma Nassr of Braahti came forward to support the cause of bridging the distance between the hearts of people from both the countries, she was instantly welcomed in India. And first edition of the event ”Shaan-e-Pakistan- Kya Dilli,Kya Lahore “ was an immense success.

Now in 2016, recently Huma announced Shaan-e-Pakistan’s second edition, Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore to be held in Lahore. This Indo-Pak collaborative platform conceived and led by Huma Nassr of Braahtii is all set to happen in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of March 2016.

During the Press conference, Huma announced that the second edition will have more exhibitors and partners and unveiled its details pertaining to the Indo-Pak collaborative platform. In continuation of their spirit of promoting brand accessibility and bridging borders, the second edition of Shaan-e-Pakistan is a platform that will be giving a platform to a range of Pakistani & Indian participants across music, the culinary arts, fashion, textile, high street, accessories, lifestyle products et al at a 2 day exhibition, musical evening and dinner and fashion show.

Speaking about the platform, Huma said “We are extremely thrilled to host the second edition of Shaan-e-Pakistan here in Pakistan itself and what better place than the epicenter of culture, cuisine, history and more: Lahore. Lahore and Delhi share many similarities, with a platform like Shaan-e-Pakistan we are providing an opportunity to our Indian friends to experience Lahore in its true sense. India is like a home to me and I wish the people of both countries to share their individualities and improve their relationships by showcasing their craft, talent and ideas on one unified platform. This venture is not just limited to the showcase of luxury fashion only but goes beyond into creating an experience of collaborative exquisite culinary delicacies and music as well. With Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore, we are bringing a slice of India to Pakistan and ensuring that the Indian participants take the taste of Lahore back with them would be an ultimate goal. Bringing together the talent of Hindustan and Pakistan for the love of fashion, music and food would give us all the more reasons to spread and share peace, acceptance and love. “

She further detailed the schedule of Shaan-e-Pakistan’s Kya Dilli Kya Lahore which will be a 3 Day event:

Day 1 will start with  ‘Ek Shaam’ consisting of musical performances by artists Rekha Bhardwaj from India and Asrar & Mai Dhai from Pakistan followed by a culinary feast prepared by the best chefs from Pakistan and India.

Day 2 will consist of an open Exhibition by all participating retailers/craftsman including Amina Sultan, Anand Khanna, Beech Tree, Chapter 13, Elisha Wadhwani, Healiv, Jooti Shooti, Lace Up, Lucknow Sey, Milli Shoes, Mina Siddique, Nine Lines, Prisms and Paintbrushes, Sonia Ahuja, Sonrissa, Stratford Street, Susheel Jewellers, Womaniya Collection, and many more …

Day 3 of the event will host a celebratory fashion showcase of 16 designers from across the fashion tiers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh including Ahmed Bilal, Aisha Imran, Barae Khanom, Bibi Russell (Bangladesh), Braahtii by Huma Nassr, Fahad Hussayn, Joy Mitra, Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, Mehdi Designs, Republic Women’s Wear, Samanth Chauhan, Studio by AV, Style D’Elegance, Zainab Chottani, Zubia Motiwalla.

My best wishes are with Huma for the grand success of the event and for her efforts in bringing the people of both the country closer to each other.


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