Revolutionising Travel – DaMilano Style

DaMilano is a premium leather goods brand. The brand started as a leather goods exporter some sixty years back and has been one of the most popular Indian Brand in the field of high end leather accessories. For the brand, it has been a long journey of uninterrupted work – from leather tanning industry to today’s premium, high end leather accessories and home furnishings brand. Today, DaMilano is counted among the country’s most successful mid-level retail brands.

Recently DaMilano launched Wooba, a simplistic versatile approach to revolutionize travel. The collection designed mainly with Poly Carbonates and Canvas material has been launched on a trial phase and will go on full flow towards the end of the current year. The new collection is agile, buoyant and lightweight and each product is crafted to give a contemporary spin to the regular travel gear, experimenting with the extremely durable canvas paired with leather trims on the edges.

DaMilano means “of Milan” in Italian, and Italian design has always been the inspiring factor. The brand has been tying up with designers in Italy, the UK and other European countries to ensure its products are world class in quality and style. With a vision to create products using the country’s strong heritage of craftsmanship, the firm manufactures 90% of its products in its plant at Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh.

The brand puts special emphasis on quality of products as well as the stores. They make sure to provide the look and feel of any global renowned brand. Proper focus is put on very very smaller things like the temperature of the store, and the fragrance of the store, which helps in killing the typical pungent smell that leather has.

DaMilano is also into the corporate and institutional arena.  DaMilano’s products range includes Laptop bags, Organisers, Portfolio Bags, Folders, Notepads, Ladies Handbags, Wallets, Gift Sets, Penholders and Belts etc.

DaMilano has focused extensively within India since the start, and with 32 exclusive boutiques across the country, it is planning to further expand its international operations and open stores in Dubai and Singapore as well.

In the domestic market, presently DaMilano operates 44 company owned and self operated exclusive showrooms in 10 cities and also at the IGI International & Domestic Airport, Terminal 3, Delhi ,Mumbai Domestic Airport & Kolkata Airport




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