Feeling Blessed at Barush

Lately there has been a trend of new restaurants coming up with funky names having hidden meanings in foreign languages. BARUSH is the latest addition to the list – Barush meaning “Blessed” in Hebrew. And guys, believe me, you start feeling blessed the moment you enter.

It’s a small eatery in CP – right across the iconic Odeon Cinema. Its not a very big restaurant and has two separate seating areas. You have the bar right in front of you as you enter, stylish and comfortable sofa arrangements welcome you in the front hall. There is a separate area at the rear end, which can also be used for small private parties.

The unique feature was a separate smoking room in the front hall. This helps non-smokers like me increment our lives by a few minutes. The bar right in the middle of the restaurant is very well designed and gives you an idea of the owner’s exquisite tastes.

Well, soon after the introductory session, we got busy in what we were supposed to do. Drink and eat and make a comment here and there.

12832353_10208974110009898_403363465055889336_nI was treated to a surprise welcome dish – the Advut Karela , i.e. the magnificent bitter gourd. Yes, Karela is considered Advut – as it helps the Diabetes patients in fighting sugar levels.  But here it was advut in the way the chef had prepared it. Super tasty with the bitterness of the karela taken care of by fusion with air fried onions and tomatoes served with imly chutney. Spiced right with herbs – it tasted fab and I guess that even the biggest karela hater will start enjoying it.

Being a teetotaler I started with Adams Apple, a very refreshing and not too sweet mocktail. It was a great mix of apple juice, mint, sugar, cinnamon and lime. They also had another interesting mocktail, the Fruit Chaat, a blend of banana and mango syrups with orange juice and rock salt.

Quenching of my thirst was done, and it was time now for some appetizers. I started with the Soups and Salads. I must add here that it was a well drafted menu that Barush management had for us. Chatpata Chukunder Shorba was a tasty soup made of Beetroot with garlic flavours and served with Gujarati Khakra.  It was a not to be seen combination for a soup serving in North India.

Along with the soup I had the Kurkuri Corn and Paneeer Salad. Again a very well made salad with crispy corn & cottage cheese. Next to arrive was the Bharwan Paneer Tikka.

Bharwan or stuffed Paneer tikkas have been tried at quite a few newly opened restaurants – but never up to the expectations. The flavours and tastes of the fillings as well as paneer is absent in most of the efforts. Here at Barush, it was a notable try though. The outer crust was kept dry and Jalapeno fillings with onions and tomatoes were ok. The Jalapeno flavours were lost because of multiple treatments that it got, the tanginess was missing, but it in a way helped in retaining the Paneer flavours in the tikkas.

More appetisers followed and I was joined at times by Pupul for a bite, and then by Nutan and Mahima on my table – there by helping in not wasting much food. It would have had been difficult for me to relish the huge variety of dishes and also the quantity that they were serving.

We tried almost every appetizer from the menu – Dhuar Palak and Kumbh ki Galauti, the presentation as well as the taste was super. We continued with Soya Gola Kebab, and Desi Potato Nachos. I was getting full by this time and wanting to save some space in my tummy for the desserts, I gave the Trio of Mushroom Dish a miss.

Desi Potato Nachos was a nice fusion the chef had tried, but it was a little overdosed with chilly. It was the common potato chips that you get at most of the tit-bits shops, it could have been a lovely snack – if it was not spiced with extra chilly.  Chef Shibu sitting with us that moment of time realized this and took a note of this for future servings.

Chef Shibu then got us a special dish (not included in the menu), the Chatori Cheese pops. It was a nice try and in fact I think it should have been there on the menu instead of the Nachos.

Moving slowly towards the main course, we tried the Naan Pizza. A nice concept tried at a few other eateries too, this somehow broke the monotony of eating the same thin crust pizzas everywhere.  A Naan is used here as the pizza base which added softness to the pizza. The veggie pizza had lots of Paneer on top, and somehow made the entire lunch full of Panner for us, the vegetarians.

I was almost full. And now I wanted to wait for the most important session of my meals, Desserts session, so I chose to skip Barush Tiffin Meals and the Sandwiches. The Paneer platter, which was served in a tiffin with Shahi Paneer on the top, Dal Makhni on the second level and steamed rice at the lowest level along with Roti and Naans, Papad, raita and salad was very tempting.

Guys, on to Desserts. They had four offers on the menu. I could just try three. The fourth one was infused with Vodka, so it was a NO NO for me. So I started with Kheer and Fruit Tart. Superb presentation broke my heart when I digged in to break the tart. The fruits toppings and soft tart made it an amazing dessert.

The next dessert was Sinful Chocolate Papri Chaat- Chocolate coins topped with chocolate sponge, fruit and finished with white and dark chocolate sauce and a scoop of cinnamon flavoured ice cream. What a dessert, not for calorie conscious people though.

The third one was Gud ki Potli with Gulkand icecream. May be I was over-full by this time, but the Gud ki potlies were just too sweet, no flavours, and the taste of Gud was missing. The Gulkand flavour ice cream thoug was amazing and it saved the dessert. Vodka Infused Sunheri Phirni on Cookie crumbles was the fourth dessert, but I didn’t try it as it had Vodka.

10306542_10208974136450559_8594448696034644245_nOver all, the desserts section on the menu is a great one, and I guess Kheer with Tart and Chocolate Papri Chaat is certainly going to make me visit the place again with my loved ones. Bharwan Paneer Tikaa should also be one of reasons, and yes, the Tiffin meals, will be on my must try list for the next visit.


My ratings:

Décor: 4/5      Food: 4.5/5     Hospitality: 4.5/5    Location: 4/5

Address: in front of Odeon Cinema, Connaught Place

Pics by Pradeep Chamaria Photography – exatraveller.

Disclaimer: We were invited by the establishment for a review. The views expressed are entirely based on the day and time of the review and are personal experiences. No monetary exchange between us and the establishment.


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