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After a long wait for a big dining area finally, we have one here in Connaught Place in New Delhi. It’s the Hot Mess at M Block in the middle circle. The area is huge with over 6500 sq. feet of sitting space and that too on ground floor in central Delhi. That’s amazing. It sure is a happening place by Akshay Anand and Bhupinder Singh in form of the most sensual lounge in heart of the city.

I was amazed as I approached the restaurant, colonial looks with statues mounted on walls outside. We entered through the colossal entrance doors and were mesmerised by the breath-taking view inside. Right at the entrance as I looked up, long metal rods were artistically arranged to give it a fab n lusty look. Excellent lighting arrangements was creating a hypnotic atmosphere.  Huge painting on one of the walls caught my immediate attention (which transforms into a giant screen to project matches and other events) along with many other smaller paintings on other walls – all gave it a lavish feel. The entire area was divided into four sections.

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The sitting arrangement was very comfortable. They also have cute tables for two with red velvet upholstery on the chairs to give a romantic feel. It is a massive place with wooden flooring and a raised podium.

Let’s now talk about the food itself along with the drinks. We started with a few mock-tails. Akshay told me that this is going to be the first aphrodisiac bar in Delhi and recommended that we try the Rang De Basanti, Strawberry Sensation, Nuclear Banana, and Ginger Pomegranate Daze from the mock tail menu.

We started with Rang De Basanti. This was a great drink, a concoction of Pineapple juice, butterscotch essence and some cardamom powder, poured in a funnel-like glass over a flask full of crushed ice, it really was an amazing drink and I ordered this three times during our entire review session.

There were a lot of options in the vegetarian section of the menu, and they really had done some great innovations with the food to make a simple dish look fab and great in taste. The menu was designed keeping the Indian palate in mind. Lovely twists have been given to most of the dishes using some really innovative methods using various aphrodisiac ingredients.

We started with small single serving of Chur-Chur Pizza. It was a wonderful effort on Chef’s part. The Chur Chur Pizzas were just wow, it was not the usual thin or pan pizza crust that we find at almost every place. This was by far the softest Pizza with a Pattie base. Served with toppings of Mozzarella cheese, sweet corn, bell peppers, olives and cherry tomatoes, this Pizza reminded me of the famous Amritsari Chur Chur Naan, and it was crusty and tasted great.

Grilled Broccoli & Toasted Pine nuts were done in a typical rural method of making achars. It tasted just like the super duper home-made cauliflower achars that my mom make. I am not a Broccoli lover, and rarely any broccoli dish satisfies me, but this was an unusual evening at an unusual place.

Nacho Pencho were small round shaped nachos and were served with cream & tomato onion dip. Allu Corn Lollipop were served like ice cream lollies and were nothing else but mashed potatoes with a lot of spices. It was by far the most simple and the best dish of the evening. Chilli Corriander Chutney Soya Tikka was served the next on our table, and this dish had the best presentation.  Served over Banana leaves with onion rings coated in vinegar and red chilli.

Crazy Burgers, I would say was innovation at its top. These were modified dumplings with great fillings. I loved the dish and went for a second helping to the nearby table of fellow bloggers. Samosadilla, or shall I call them Desi version of Quessadillas. The filling was that of a typical samosa that we normally savour, it was though a very simple dish for a place like Hot Mess. But again, I guess that’s what we usually get to eat at our college messes.

My meals are never complete without desserts. But we really had a tough time in getting a dessert served to our table. The staff made all kind of excuse – the chef is not serving desserts tonight, its not there on the menu and numerous other stupid excuses. But we did see the dessert being served on other tables. So we had to call in another waiter for the dessert who finally bought it after 15 minutes.

IMG_8793After so much of coaxing, I did not enjoy the dessert, Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Brownie with White Chocolate Ice Cream at all. It could have been a really delectable dessert – but I just left it after biting one spoon of ice-cream only.

Akshay – please take note of this, you have come up with a great place with amazing décor and ambiance, but my dear friend, the service is a bit too slow. The staff took orders but took a long time to serve and even served cold plates. They refused for quite a few orders saying that the chef has stopped service of this item, or the other. No, no I am not saying that they were not cordial or were not polite. It is just this that they have to work on their timings.

Please take care of this and you surely will have the most happening place in the city. My best wishes are with you.


My ratings:

Décor: 4/5      Food: 4/5     Service : 3/5    Location: 4/5

Address: M block, middle circle, Connaught Place

Pics by Pradeep Chamaria Photography – exatraveller. PIcs by Parej Chamaria, and Pradeep Chamaria.

Disclaimer: We were invited by the establishment for a review. The views expressed are entirely based on the day and time of the review and are personal experiences. No monetary exchange between us and the establishment.


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