New Menu at The University Bistro

Hello again friends. In my last post on a cute little cafe, The University Bistro I left you with a promise to come back soon after trying out the new menu.

So here it is, my simple notes and views on the new menu through which Chef Anil Baunthiyal shares his thoughts of carving a very niche menu at great pocket friendly prices in the Delhi Univ. campus area. It sure is going to take you back to your college days when you along with your buddies used to chill out.

Once again let me remind you that The University Bistro or simply TUB is a great place which serves some exotic India-genised multi-cuisine delicacies at down to earth prices. Its very easy to locate TUB on Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, Delhi. It is right in front of the Tata Energy office, and just next to The Big Yellow Door. Once you enter the eatery, the ambiance and decor pulls you in.

Youth topics, college graffiti, political cartoons, e-media caricatures – all adorn the walls inside TUB. When you cater to the youth, how can you forget movies, music, adventure, romance – its all there.

We had been to this place just a few days back, reviewing the old menu. So today we just wanted to try out the new additions to the menu and which Chef Anil has so lovingly prepared for us.

Welcome Watermelon ShotsWe were welcomed with a very refreshing drink to blow away the summer heat of Delhi. A fresh Water Melon shot infused with Lime Grass and Thai Ginger. It was the best welcome drink I have ever had. Having arrived in the café after a long drive in crowded west Delhi streets, I was looking for a glass of chilled water. But on chef’s advice I just gulped the Water Melon shot and what a feeling it was? Beyond description.

Let me tell you, water melon is one of my fav fruits and its juice again is my fav. But the way this was prepared made it different. Chef told me that he has peeled off the skin of the fruit, and kept it in the freezer. And then just before the serving, the fruit is cold pressed with lime grass and a bit of Thai ginger to get the juice.

I found the juice very similar to what my mom generally makes at home, but the infusion was doing wonders. I wanted the lime grass content to be increased a bit in order to kill the pungency of Thai Ginger, and Chef Anil immediately went in the kitchen and made another drink.

It turned out to be better than the earlier mix, as now I didn’t feel the ginger hitting my throat. But then my fellow members on the table did not like this enhanced flavour of lime grass.

Leaving it entirely for the chef to take a call on which combination to continue, we continued on to try out the next creation. It was a cold soup – the Tomato Gazpacho soup. This was a thick tomato soup made with organic herbs and garlic. After gulping the small portion of soup – I could just say WOW. The best part of this soup was this that this was served chilled. Fortunately I was served two servings of the soup and before anyone could realize this, I finished the second serving too.

Expectations were now going up; I was sensing a fine dining dish coming up. And I was so right, Mexiskin Potatoes wit Kapsa Rice was the dish that was served.  It was so beautifully presented, that I just kept on looking at it for some time. Two helpings of potatoes with skin and stuffed with spinach, mushroom, and ricotta cheese along with rice flavoured with tomatoes and other herbs just looked fabulous. And when I forked in, it was a dish really meant for a fine dining restaurant.

This dish certainly is going to put TUB on the fine dining list in the area (they already are the only one who serve a 12 inch pizza in the area). My colleague was keen to try out a few of the other delicacies from the old entries on the menu too. So  he went ahead to try out the Mexican Veggie Tacos, Cocktail Veggie Sandwich and the 12 inch Exotic Grilled Veggie Pizza. He also went on to try another new entry on the soup menu – the Mushroom Cappuccino soup.

In the meanwhile I tried to cool myself with the signature mock tail, the Green Apple and Cucumber Cola. My other colleagues, the non vegetarians were now busy in trying out the new Confed Chicken Breast served with mashed Potatoes.

I was just tasting a bit of the vegetarian dishes that my colleague had ordered and waiting eagerly for the new additions in the dessert menu. We tried two of these desserts, the Cheese Cake and the Apple Pie.

The Cheese cake (Biscuit blended with melted butter, topped with cottage cheese and Kiwi puree) was a disappointment. It was too salty, may be the salty butter had made it salty, Even the Kiwi puree could have been the culprit – had it been not salty, it would have had been a great dessert.

The suggestions made by my fellow blogger, a baker herself, were noted down by the chef and he promised to try them out before serving the dessert to his regular customers.

On to the Apple pie now; it was served cold. It looked so fabulous that no one wanted to break it. The apple pie was exquisite, every individual flavour of cinnamon, cashews n nuts was evident individually. The only problem with this was the hardness of the outer crust. Since it was frozen before serving, the crust has also become hard and I guess if this was microwaved or heated a little to the room temperature and served with a scoop of ice cream, this pie will become the show stealer in the neighbourhood.

Excellent presentations, delectable dishes, down to earth prices (the big piece of Apple pie is just Rs 100/-), courteous and smiling staff and an evergreen cheerful owner – all these are definitely gonna make TUB the most sought after eatery not only in the area –  I am sure TUB will soon have food lovers coming from all over Delhi NCR. And before that happens – don’t just sit there reading my review, go out and atleast try out the welcome drink, and the Apple Pie.

My ratings:

Décor: 4/5      Food: 4/5     Service : 4/5    Location: 4/5

Address: Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, Delhi

Pics by Pradeep Chamaria Photography – exatraveller. Pics by  Pradeep Chamaria.

Disclaimer: We were invited by Ms Neha Bahl of and the establishment for tasting the new menu. The views expressed are entirely based on the day and time of the review and are personal experiences. No monetary exchange between us and the establishment.


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