‘SENS’ – ‘Anti-Aging & Wellness’ Clinics

“Aging” is an age old phenomenon since the beginning of this world. Everyone is afraid of this but with no proper solutions available; there is nothing we could have done. Lots of people do try to improvise their lifestyles in order to look fit and stay healthy when they grow old. But that’s not enough and you always need a guide / instructor to take you forward. You need a tutor at every step of life and we all are aware of this.

So what’s the solution? Well, nothing to worry about; with the advent of Modern Science and new revolutionary advancements in technology, we are just beginning to understand and discover the true metamorphosis behind ‘aging’.  With the introduction of lots of skin care and anti-aging initiatives today, we can be stress free and live a normal healthy life and look smart and beautiful even as we grow old.

I recently had such a treatment and I have talked about it in my earlier blogs. Once again I got a chance to attend an event of a launch of such an initiative. And I went to attend it quite eagerly.

DSC_0378This was the occasion of launch of SENS – a multi-specialty Anti-ageing & wellness clinic by the Wave Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates with a diversified portfolio including sugar, distilleries and breweries, real estate, entertainment, beverages, sports, education.

13076957_10209401243047957_1208344802792324390_nIt was quite an extravagant launch with some very informative lectures and talks. Much stress was given to the importance of good vegetarian eating habits and the role of micro nutrients in your daily food. This also stressed the importance of growing needs and acceptance of the Organic farming and products, soil enrichment before the next crop etc.

‘Sens’ is an innovative and a creative, consumer – focused, health initiative with the vision to spearhead the current healthcare model, realigning the topical researches in medicine with the ancient leanings of Ayurveda. Sens stands on a foundation, build by like – minded doctors and enthusiastic professionals who recognize and identify the flaws in the current healthcare model working towards addressing the true needs of its people.

Sens’s unconventional approach of Predictive Prevention is personalized for each individual from the multifarious bouquet of services that cater to the holistic maintenance of the Mind, the somatic treatment of the Body and the awakening of the Soul.

To enhance the outer body experience, SENS has a fully equipped state of the art Skin, Aesthetics & Laser center with 9 treatment rooms, best of the industry doctors such as Dr. Debjani Chakraborty, Dr. Vidushi Jain and Dr. Aarushi Passi offering the newest treatments.

SENS brings world class and revolutionary age management solutions – from Functional & Regenerative medicine to Cosmetic Dermatology, Alternative Healing, Hair & Make Up Studio – a 360-degree approach to defy age at its state of the art facility in South Delhi….adding years to your life and life to your years – SENSitively !!

Their offerings range from the age old practices of Ayurveda and Energy Healing to the most advanced techniques of Genomic Sequencing, Bio Hormone Replacement Therapies, the reparative technique of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field to even freezing cells at low temperatures to treat a variety of benign and malignant damages through Cryotherapy.

After a treatment at Sens, one experiences increased energy, increased Libido, reduced Body fat, increased lean muscle, improved cholesterol scores, strengthened immune system, lifted moods, better stress management and sharper mental activity.

SENS has partnered with Dr. Graham Simpson from U.S.A (Primal MD – UAE), Neil Petch, Chairman, Primal MD, Julie Powell (Great Lengths UK), Dr. Mark Houston (USA), Tactio (France), Curatronics (Israel) to being a host of innovative solutions in the arena of Preventive Healthcare Services and Age management.

On the occasion of the launch, Mrs. Shanam Chadha, Director, Wave Group said: “At Wave Group, it has been our endeavor to provide our patrons with highest quality products and services -with this new venture in healthcare & wellness sector, we aim to make a perceptible difference in people’s lives.”

Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Executive Director, SENS clinic, said: “SENS is a thought leader in its field of extending lifespan and adding life to your years without medicine and hospitalization. The core philosophy and thought behind SENS is to combine the wisdom of state of the art diagnostic tools specifically designed for age management to detect latest disorders and biological age without exposing the patient to harmful tests.”

About Wave Group:

Wave Group – a leading business conglomerate that has expanded across industries to create a niche for itself. The integral beliefs of the Group are founded on hard work and team spirit. It has been steered by the long term vision of the Late Mr. Kulwant Singh Chadha since 1963. Today, the Wave Group boasts an impressive portfolio of businesses, including sugar manufacturing, distilleries and breweries, real estate, malls and multiplexes, beverages, sports, education and entertainment.

The Wave Group attributes a major part of its success to its visionary, the erstwhile Chairman Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Ponty) Chadha. His pioneering vision to conquer new heights and fulfill the dreams of all its stakeholders is the key to driving the Group to continuously set new benchmarks.

So friends, let’s transform ourselves with the changing tides of today, addressing ageing and healthcare with an all round perspective. One that embodies the exuberance of oneself for a longer period is a resultant of holistic treatments and care, avoiding ageing diseases and illnesses.

SENS Holistic Wellness Program



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