Boombox Cafe, latest entrant at sec. 29 Gurugram

The fine dining scenario in Delhi NCR is seeing a lot of changes and competition today and even the established players in the market are facing tough challenges. Boombox Café situated in Sector 29 Gurgaon, is one of such casual multi-cuisine cafe with an inclination towards Mexican cuisine. It has been planned with a mindset of moving away from the Hip-Hop themed interiors to more sophisticated and premium look and feel. Music and art is the underlying theme of BoomBox Café with a target audience of the age group 21-35 who are foodies and food lovers.

I recently visited this place for a bloggers meet and instantly liked the decor. Mutedly lighted with a yellow undertone, it was a perfect setting for a luxury lounge. The carpet area was immense allowing ample spacing between tables for a perfect n quiet romantic chitchat along with drinks and snacks. A fully stocked bar had a lovely setting installed with speaker boxes.

Unlimited drinks and appetizers made everyone happy and busy. The bar served excellent collection of mock-tails, cock-tails and shakes. The bar has high chair sitting but no one from our group was interested in sitting there. We all occupied the tables in small groups and were served with smiling faces on our tables. The owners were present personally and lovingly looked after every demand of the bloggers.

The food tasted heavenly here. The mock-tails namely, Guava Mary (a blend of Guava and lime juice with black salt and Tabasco) and Smashing Senorita (a blend of Tomato, Orange and lemon juice with honey, salt, green chilli and Tobasco) were amazing and spicy.

Moving on to the munchies section under the vegetarian category, we opted for Cheese Nacho Salsa. It was a lot of nachos only with very little chesses and beans. This was just a Ok starter and I would have preferred to have more uniform layering of cheese, beans and veggies with it. Conveyed this to the chef and he agreed to try that out. Seeing the artistic presentations of the starters we couldn’t stop over-eating ourselves and loved each bite that we had.

Next we had the Crispy Potato skin. It was a tasty crispy dish having fried beans, chillies, onion with sour cream & salsa. Full justice done to the potatoes by the chef and I applauded the efforts.

The Veggie sampler followed; we got Dahi ke kebab, Tofu Yakitori, Paneer Harissa Tikka, Cottage Cheese Spring Roll, Tomato Bruschetta, and Caesar salad. Following on the Main Course we had the Fusilli Basil Pesto, tossed with almonds and roasted Garlic, and Penne in Parmesan Creamy Sauce with Exotic Vegetables and Thyme.

We also had the Mexicana Pizza with Tomatoes, Onion, Capsicum, Baby Corn, Jalepenos toppings.

The starters and the Pizzas quickly filled up my empty and I did’nt had the courage to try out other delicacies from the menu. I did save some space for the dessert, and tried the Lemon Tart cake and the NYC Cheesecake.

Overall, a great place for a fantabulous meal. We really are going to come back – and till we do that – why don’t you also go out to BoomBox Café and load yourself with some amazing food n drinks…. Till we meet again.

Our ratings

Décor : 4/5     Service  : 4/5     Food n Drinks 4.5/5

Address : Sector 29, Gurgaon, very close to the IFFCO Metro station.

All photographs by Pradeep Chamaria

Disclaimer : All the description and narration based on onsite experience. No monetary returns were received. The views expressed are entirely based on what we had on a particular day.


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