OH my God

“Oh My God” is the latest entry into the mystic world created by Umang Tiwari and team. Its very conveniently located in F block, inner circle of Rajiv Chock. Inspired by Hell and Heaven and seemingly out of a bollywood block buster with a similar name “OMG”, the joint has the typical signature charm of Umang Tiwari.

Great ambiance and décor; though I am not sure how long the whiteness of the cotton used to depict clouds will last. As the name suggests it is a theme based café; Heaven and Hell style.  One sure feels like entering a mystical environ but the charm fades away soon as you look up.

The place does have some good starters, but I was not happy with the main course – the food as well as the buffet that they had spread out during the bloggers meet. Place seems to have great Hookah’s as everyone was seen chilling out with smoke all around you.  Coconut, Superman, Super Commissioner – interesting names naaaa guys – for the hookahs.

We had a few mock- tails and milk shakes during our stay at OMG. To name a few, Watermelon Mojito, Shingri-La, Mango and Mint shake, and Choco shake with cookies.
Peach and Jalapeno Pot Stickers: served with very spicy soy dipping sauce were the front runners on our table, but for me it was too spicy. But these peach and jalapeno infused dimsums are a must for spicy food lover.

Veg Phyllo Spring Rolls followed but somehow they skipped our table. They were looking good in shot glasses covered on top with sesame seeds. The waiter got us the

Mini Falafel Disks, which I liked a lot. Next we had Achaari Vada Pao with lehsuni chutney, Mushroom Galauti and Sprouted Moth ki Bharwan Tikki. I would certainly recommend the Tikki to everyone visiting OMG.

As I have already mentioned, the arrangements for the main course was not upto the standard for Umang Tiwari category restaurants. Even the arrangement of dishes was alternate veggie and non-veggie dishes, which they corrected after I advised. We managed to get some portions of Makhan wali Kali daal, Street side Noodles, Kathal aur Moti ke Pulao and Roti and Naan.

I was so happy initially when I went through the Desserts section of the exhaustive menu that they have. But in the Buffet arrangement they chose to serve only two desserts – Banoffee Bomb and Brownies with ice-cream. Unfortunately both these desserts were not listed in the regular menu and also Brownies were served sans the ice cream.
Well it sure seems to be a nice place to spend a cozy romantic evening after office, but it could be much better if the management concentrates more indivisualised service instead of serving buffets. The scene at the buffet table reminded me of a wedding party.

My experience here could have been because of a few factors,  so I am going to be there again soon for another launch event (hopefully not a party this time) and lets see what is in the offerings this time.  Till then keep eating healthy and stay healthy in this horrifying summer time…

All images shot by Pradeep Chamaria

Disclaimer: The review is entirely based on our personal experience on a particular day and time. No monetary exchange took place between us and the management.


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