HIVE – Kitchen and Bar

Green Park Market is mainly a small local colony market and you have a few of the famous names like Evergreen, Domino’s etc here and normally while visiting the market I would not be looking for a modern day café serving multi-cuisine along with cocktails.

But now, they have HIVE here which is a brain-child of Abhinav and Abhishek Mathur and is now a very well known spot for mellow lightings, amazing décor with an elephant on the wall, glass rooftop with water flowing over, and so on. Hauz Khas village, the place to be in Delhi with numerous bars and lounges is very close by. But Hive because of its amazing décor and ambiance and also great food n drinks supported by courteous staff have very speedily become the new party rave for the youth of today.

Well, I found the place small but the owners have utilized the space in quite an inviting way. The location of Hive is very, very prime- its almost in the centre of the main market with ample parking space in front. The restaurant is located above Fab India is spread on two floors, and is a café cum bar and lounge with adequate and variant seating options.

The terrace is the wow factor here. Nice & cozy décor with water beautifully cascading along the glass top ceiling makes one feel relaxed the moment he enters the terrace. The small bar on the terrace serving a handsome range of mocktails, cocktails and hookah is the added attraction.

But I chose to make myself comfy on the second floor, on a seat beside a large window that allowed me ample lighting for my shoots and also view of the market.

We’re the only people at Hive when we visited, and we were thirsty and starving. We wanted to have something spicy and tangy, so we started with two of their signature mock-tails; Clove Mojito and Cocum Hive. The Clove Mojito was a beautiful looking drink, but the clove and lemon flavours were too strong for me to relish it. If they cut down a little on the clove infusion I am sure it will be a great drink. But as far as the looks  go – it was the most beautiful and pleasing drink I have ever come across.

Cocum is one onf my favourite fruits from the Konkan region in India. And they have done wonders with it.  It was a fantastic drink, made with fresh Cocum fruits.

Having quenched our thirsts for the time being we now waited for some appetizers. And we did not wait for long, we started with the Classic Caesar Salad. Well what can be different in a Caesar salad? That’s a normal query that I have. Was it different here? Yes – oh yes it definitely was.

The chef had done wonders with the salad. The inclusion of small sized veggies and finely cut leafy veggies and the wonderful, rich, anchovy dressing made this salad a complete meal in itself. Tossed with lettuce and croutons, it was one of those salads that managed to roll refreshing lightness and forced me to indulge in (I am not a Salad eater normally).

The next on the table came Arancini. The crumbed risotto balls were stuffed with Mozzarella and served with tomato and olive relish. The risotto balls were crispy on the outside and soft & juicy inside. The aroma and the taste, both were good. Next in the line was the Naan Pizza topped with Mushrooms, Black Olives, Jalapeno and Mozzarella Cheese. I somehow did not like the Naan base and would have preferred the normal thin crust. Otherwise it was a nicely done pizza and was loaded with the toppings and cheese.

I was longing for some more drinks and not wanting to experiment with their mock-tails, I settled down for some of the milk-shakes from their menu.

Happy and satisfied with the delicious starters, we wanted to move on to the bigger plates now and started with the Hearty Bean Burger which was served with French Fries and comprised of a healthier version of the patty. The BEAN BURGER was great, the bun was soft, patty was juicy and it was nicely assembled. The nutritious burger was huge and can give other burger serving joints a tough competition.

We also had the Indian styled Spiced Paneer in a spicy tomato sauce and served with herbed rice. Well, this was not a good choice. The paneer was oily and over spiced for a normal palate, but the herbed rice served with fried onions was perfectly flavoured for our typical desi tastes.

IMG_7852It was the dessert time but I got sad when the waiter said that they only had one choice from the menu. Still, it was one of my favourites, the Chocolate Orange Cake. Ooohhh, la la – it was a marvelous dessert. The orange flavour was distinctive and did not disturbing the companion’s presence. A perfect end to a super duper lunch.

Well, speaking of the food, we found the menu containing European, Mediterranean, n Continental cuisine along with a fabulous mix of enticing drinks and beverages. The service was perfect and very welcoming and the staff co-operative and friendly.

So as I always say, guys stop reading my review now, go dress up, take your vehicle out and rush to Hive and have a wonderful time.

Our ratings

Décor : 4.5/5     Service  : 4.5/5     Food n Drinks 4.5/5

Address : S-27,Green Park, Main Market

All photographs by Pradeep Chamaria

Disclaimer : All the description and narration based on onsite experience. No monetary returns were received. The views expressed are entirely based on what we had on a particular day.



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