Viva Latino 1 Espanol -making Learn Spanish Fun and Easy

What do you get when an individual puts in her experience earned over years of teaching into one methodology book focused on Latin American Spanish. You get Viva Latino Español 1, a Masterpiece.

And it was one such occasion when we all gathered to attend the book launch event and cheer the first time ever effort, of an Indian origin author, Ms. Shalu Chopra. The launch event was held at the Embassy of The Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela and it was an exclusive extravaganza which began with an enriching crash course on Spanish learning with Ms. Shalu, where she surprised the first timers on how much they could learn in an hour.

This was followed by the book launch by Shri. C. Rajashekhar Honorable Director General Indian Council for Cultural Relations (Ministry of External Affairs) in the presence of H.E. Sr. Augusto Montiel, The Hon’ble Ambassador of the host embassy and the Publishers Ashwani and Vini Goyal (GOYALSaaB). The affair ended on a high bringing the Latin American culture alive with authentic food, music, and dance at the Embassy of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The evening also witnessed some prominent guests from the capital, namely –Sr. Méntor Villagómez, Hon’ble Ambassador of Ecuador & coordinator GRULAC (Group Of Latin America and Caribbean),  Prof. Minni Sawhney, Chairperson, Center for research & Hispanic studies, Delhi University, Dr. Shyama Chona, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan  Founder Tamanna Foundation,  and many more eminent people. The list of glitterati also included top academia, corporate leaders, artists and creative personalities making the launch a grand occasion.

At the book launch Hon’ble AmbassadorH.E. Sr. Augusto Montiel said– “We have collaborated very closely with the author Ms. Shalu Chopra and Mundo Latino for this project and extended our mentorship and support looking at its pioneering vision and exquisite content. This project was conceived as a Venezuela-India Blende initiative almost 6 months back, and we are proud to be a partner in this pioneering effort.Shalu’s commitment to Spanish teaching has been concentrated in this work of Excellence! “

Speaking on the occasion, the ecstatic author, Ms. Shalu Chopra says “It has been a living dream and passion for me over the past 10 years to share my learning experiences from my teaching sessions. Viva Latino Español 1 is a manifestation of that vision. Coming from a creative background I made my own interpretations of the construct of the language, and then tried to deconstruct like a chef to present the ingredients of Spanish with a Latin American flavor. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Hon’ble Ambassador Sr. Augusto Montiel for guiding and supporting us in every possible way throughout this project. We really appreciate Ashwani and Vini Goyal for bringing it to life as Publishers”

About Viva Latino Español 1

The book decodes some of the very intricate details of the Spanish grammar through very easy to follow formulae and resources such as ‘El Balance’ and ‘Zona Cafeteria’. It articulates very illustratively core concepts of the language through skill building exercises under the methodology ‘SWIRRL’. Over and above everything, the language brings forth the striking similarities of the Spanish language with Hindi making it extremely easy for Indian learners to pick up.

Interestingly, the book, throughout its journey, narrates conversation between an Indian origin character – ‘Sanskaar’ who as a student engages a seeking learner in a journey to understand this beautiful romance language – Spanish.

The talented author Ms. Shalu Chopra is a multi-faceted creative professional and a linguist. Over the past decade she has been very deeply associated with the promotion of Latin American culture, Spanish language and Latin dances in India. She is also the founder Director of Mundo Latino, which is a Latin American Cultural Center, and has affiliation with The Embassies of Venezuela and Peru, and actively supported by almost all 19 Latin consulates in India through their Ambassadors/senior Diplomats.

Shalu is also the co-organizer of India Fiesta Latina, which is an award winning event and one of the most prestigious Latin Dance productions in all of Asia.

Book Synopsis

Viva Latino Español 1 is authored by Ms. Shalu Chopra churning out her passion to promote Spanish as a foreign language amongst Indian students over the past decade. It is a much needed resource book which decodes some of the very intricate details of Spanish grammar and its applications through very easy to follow formulae and guidelines. It articulates very lucidly and illustratively core concepts of the language, and follows closely all skill building exercises which would prepare the learners for taking up rudimentary levels of tests under the Internationally acknowledged CEFR format.

The book is useful for teachers and learners alike for the didactic sequencing of the SWIRRL method which covers the four basic skills of speaking, writing, reading, and listening through interactive exercises and role-play. The exercises and cultural notes at the end, the accompanying CD and work book make the manual a complete method.


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