Happy 1st Birthday – exatraveller

Well, it was a camping site at Sitlakhet in 2015 – exactly a year back when I met Maneesh Srivastava and one other lady blogger. Youreka.in was hosting us at their Sitlakhet campsite and we were with a bunch of kids from school in Delhi run by an NGO.

I have had a satisfying career as a freelance photojournalist for last 24 years till then, and also had tried my hands at blogging earlier. But as there was no proper response and audience for my posts – it kind of repelled me and I didn’t continue as a blogger.

Meeting  Maneesh and discussing him during the leisure times in between the treks/rock climbing and other activities during the stay was the game changer. He advised me to start again and use WordPress as the platform to launch my blogs.

Archimedes yelled Eureka when he formulated his  scientific theory and I had Youreka.in helping me launch a new chapter in my life. After coming back I did launch it in the name ‘exatraveller’. It has been a satisfying journey till now with almost 200 posts till now.

It had been a mixed kind of journey just like a normal life with its own ups and downs.

I got the opportunity to meet a lot of very good people – also good people and some bad and disturbing elements too. But as usual – lets forget the bad part of it and let me name out a few of the bestest people I have met on this journey.

To start with – once again Thanks Maneesh – for letting me board this train for this super journey.

Now – let me name out a few:

Friends from the PR industry

A BIG Thankyou

Abhinav Sood, Neha Bahl, Nandita Kanwar, Arul, Rajeshwari, Manali Pankaj Jain, Veta Ratra, Anu Naveen Sharma, Barkha Phoughat, Pooja Gurung, Nidhi (Nidzi), Geetika Chadha, Aakriti Jain, Ritika Mamgain, Suryanshi Chauhan, Kavisha Arora, Vibhuti Sood, Gunjan Dua, and so on and so on ,,,,,

For the names which I have missed :  Sorry friends – I have not purposely left out your name  – but you know that we are good friends…

And now to some freelance PRs, Restaurant owners and blogger friends :

Thanks guys for supporting and liking my write-up and images.

Tamashaqueen, Pupul Pachauri, Suchana Bera, Roma Malhotra, Vickhram Vicky, Amogh Tiwari, Sneha Saikia, Ambika Gulati, Ambika Sukumar, Sharad, Sarabjeet, foodiemusafir, Gundeep, Ishhleen, Rachana, Sheetal, Prashant, Priyanka, Anu, Lucky, Nidhi (s), Neha (s)…….

Guys the list can go on and go on.  Again my request; please for the names which are left out – Don’t get mad at me – I love you all.

Now to some of the best places which I got a chance to review during this one year of the infinitive journey of exatraveller –

Properties at – Sitlakhet – Youreka, The Tamara Resorts Coorg, Park Plaza Zirakpur, Courtyard by Marriot at Chakan- Pune, Courtyard by Marriot Mumbai, V Are Family Kasauli, Sparsh Karjat etc.

Destinations – Coorg, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Karjat, Pune, Chakan, Amritsar, Sitlakhet, etc.

Restaurants – Lights Camera Action Air Bar and Imly, (Varun Puri, Shruti Pawar) , Veda (Aman Sahni), Ambrosia Bliss, California Boulevard, 38 Barracks, etc….

Also a big Thanks to the lifestyle and travel products brands who showed faith in my by sending their products to me for review.

Some of my best and favouite features were the Miele review, the Asus ZENFONE review, The Tamara resorts review and feature  on Coorg, Food reviews of Ambrosia Bliss, LCA Air Bar, Park Plaza-Zirakpur, Crown Plaza-Jaipur.

It was a challenge reviewing Miele – but thanks Gunjan n Miele for liking my efforts.

I have tried to be as honest as possible with my reviews and features, but again I offer my sincere apologies if I have missed on some details in any of my reviews/features.

In the end, my sorry to the PRs to whom I might have been rude and have behaved in an immature manner. Yes I have done that with a few- knowing very well that it was a collective mistake of the brand and the PR – but I only had the PR contacts, so he/she had to bear the shock waves. Sorry again, lets not be mad at each other, and should try to give it a new start and help me celebrate the 2nd Bithday in 2017



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