Junkyard Cafe @Rajouri Garden

Junkyard Cafe, CP is a first of a kind concept in Delhi. After the grand success of the CP joint, Umang Tiwari now has opened up another outlet at Rajouri garden, New Delhi. Its not as big a floor as the CP one, but I liked it more at Rajouri Gardens. The cafe here is smaller and one gets the true feel of a scrap yard. Imagine sitting in a scrap yard and having amazing food n drinks – WOW…

The interiors are made of all Junk and food derives an inspiration from Health food. It was like visiting my favourite place on the earth – a Junkyard/scrap dealer’s joint. Yes, you guessed it right, I am an avid scrap lover. Being a metallurgist, steel and copper scraps are my favourites, and a lot of my antique cameras were sourced from the Sunday Flea market in Delhi.

The Rock Gardens in Chandigarh had always been my choicest haunts in India, but now I guess the Junkyard café can replace it. Being in the same town as I live in, I don’t have to make special arrangements to visit make like for Rock Gardens. In fact this is only the second place on this earth that I have come across which has given new dimensions even to scraps. And the amazing food they serve here is always a plus point.

Junkyard has recycled scrap all around, though very wisely arranged to create the greatest of great ambiance. It is divide into three floors with an outer sitting area too. The sides of an old Ambassador car was the star attraction on the rooftop outer sitting area.

The empty beer bottles used as ceilings at a sitting area, the worn out jeans used as sofa fabric, old buckets, old worn out tyres, empty oil drums, a Monalisa painting made entirely of Junk, pillars made up of drawers and tyres, the bar table mounted upon a line of barrels, and a lot more, all of this give you a superb ambiance, and this got me hooked on with Junkyard.

The efforts do not end with the décor. The innovations are quite visible in the food menu as well. Here food menu is also a plus point for all health conscious people who like to indulge in nutritious meals.  When you want to enjoy your food, it should be done without getting worried on calories intake. Umang concludes that Junkyard cafe is for those who don’t want to compromise on any of the thing when they step out, whether it’s food, drinks, live gigs or ambiance.

The menu at Junkyard is a showpiece. One section of the menu tells you how many calories are there in each dish that you order. The menu is extensive with choices from breakfast to appetizers to a full course meal.

Moving now on to the food and drinks part of our review, we started with mock-tails section of the menu and ordered a few health conscious drinks. Junkyard offers some very fresh and inventive mock-tails. We had the Gardino, a mix of watermelon, celery, mint and beetroot juice, and the Citurs mart, mix of orange lime pomegranate and splash of ginger. Both the veggy/fruits mix juices were simply amazing and I was angry with myself of having not tried these combinations earlier at home. We also tried a few shakes form the menu – namely the hazelnut butter scotch shake and the chocolate shake.

Moving on with the food now, we started with the Crisy Sesame Potato which was superb. The platters kept on coming and we had  Paneer Tikka, Veggie sping rolls, Falafel with Hummus, Chilli Cottage cheese, Veggie salt n Pepper, Wasabi Peas Alloo Tikki, Tandoori Mushroom, and Four Season Pizza..

We enjoyed and loved the presentations; the food immediately grabbed our attention and was as tasty as it looked. The was th Wasabi Peas Allo Tikki e yummiest of all.

The mildly spicy and delectable Kabuli Wasabi Peas Allo Tikki will definitely be on my order list when I come here again. Junkyard special Paneer Tikka was well marinated and cooked to perfection. The Paneer was wonderfully moist, soft and was delicious.

We were full on by now, and moving on to the main course, we just had the Asparagus & Black Fungus Dim-sums.  Tiem now for  KUCH MEETHA HO JAYE, but I was so sad when they said that there  is no dessert today for the bloggers tables. But I insited and in the end they served us a Brownie with ice-cream. I should not have insisted as it was the spoil sport item of the evening.

So folks – whether you like junk or not, rush to Junkyard, not to sell your junk – that you can sell at quikr or Olx. At the café, just chill out and enjoy your food n drinks..

Our Ratings

Service:  4/5        Ambiance:  4/5         Food:  4/5

Address: B K Dutta Market, Rajouri Gardens, New Delhi

All photographs by Pradeep Chamaria / exatraveller.

Disclaimer : The views expressed are entirely our own, and for a particular time and day. We were invited for a review by the café and no money exchanged hands.


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