Basecamp Travellers – Unique store for all your Travel needs

I am a traveler at heart, a mountain lover specially and the very mention of the word “BaseCamp” makes my heart pound with ecstasy. And when I was invited to celebrate the launch of a travel shop “Basecamp”, my brain immediately got transported to the ultimate adventure spot – Basecamp of Mt Everest.

As I closed my eyes, memories of the camp started floating. Yes, it was 2014 when I was there, having already started my return when the natural calamity, a severe earthquake hit the region. Well, lets not talk about the disaster; we are here to celebrate the launch and a new beginning.

So there we were, at Basecamp Traveller Shop which stores exclusive and innovative travel products from eminent brands. Some unique products include the Portable Shower, camping stove, name tags with funky messages, and almost all the products that are very essential for a solo traveler like the mosquito net hat, masks, medicine holder, LED torches, Fishing gear, walking sticks, and also the trolley bags for the business traveler, sling bags, messenger bags, backpacks, soft luggage, hard luggage, trolley overnighter bags, handheld briefcase and styled business bags with multiple business organisers.

Along with the launch of its store, Basecamp Traveller also introduced eminent brands from across the World; the National Geographic range of products of hard luggage and convenience of soft luggage in a variety of colours highly designed by experts providing travel security and aesthetic in a very light package, capturing iconic moment in man’s adventure and exploratory history on the luggage itself. Another premium brand, Greystone brings in bags made of aeroplane grade aluminium offering durability and strength, at the same time making a fashion statement. Echolac, widely regarded as the pioneer of the hard case briefcase offers completely scratch proof briefcases at very reasonable price points especially for the Northern market.

I specifically loved the stairs and the upper deck of the store. Side walls along the stairs was all decked up with some exclusive images of travel and adventure travels. Also the Massive Snowy poster of Mt. Everest with an image showing direction to Base camp, Mt Everest was a big eye-catcher.

The best part of the time we spent at Basecamp s tore, was our rendezvous with Mr. Anish Goel, Founder, Basecamp Traveller India. He talked in his wittiest best about travel etiquettes, using name tags on your baggage with quirky messages (he invited us to come up with some quirky Desi messages), need of portable tools for our daily basic needs like showers, toilet washes (Desi style),  and many other travel mannerisms. He even suggested and invited us to form a society of like-minded traveler who should come forward and practice and teach travel etiquettes where ever we go. I really loved him saying that every traveler like us is the Ambassador of his/her own country and he/she should portray the best when he/she is travelling to places.

Professionally speaking he added that, “We are very delighted to announce the opening of the second store in the heart of the National Capital apart from three other stores in the key metros. Our aim is to make the brand associated with Basecamp Traveller more accessible to our consumers with a belief that the customer should be delighted with the range and quality travel products. The Indian today has widely travelled across the globe and is knowledgeable about world class travel products and services which he can also access closer home, at Basecamp Traveller”

 About Basecamp Traveller:


Established in 2003, Basecamp is a travel lifestyle destination that aids a traveller to meet his/her travel requirements. Team Basecamp has been committed to making travel easy and comfortable. Basecamp houses some of the best-known international brands, which craft products that come handy for all travel needs, be it adventure, business or leisure. Basecamp provides the traveller the security of knowing they are in reliable hands. Basecamp now exists in 11 locations across the country.

Folks, Basecamp is the only store in the country that offers unique and innovative travel products under one roof. Its philosophy is not just being a luggage store but to provide travel solutions which could clam a share of the largely organized 1500 Crore travel gear industry.



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