The Oriental Pavilion at Fortune Select Excalibur

Like any artistic creation, great cuisine comes from the heart & is fuelled by passion. And Brand Master Chef Inder Dev at The Oriental Pavilion at Fortune Select Excalibur makes it sure and every guest after relishing the creations swear this. The Oriental Pavilion is surely one of the best contemporary Thai restaurants in Gurgaon at Fortune Select Excalibur which reflects a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.

During one of my visits to Gurgaon, I had a chance to taste some exotic dishes during the Thai Food Festival, Taste of Thai by Chef Inder Dev at the Oriental Pavilion.  The Oriental Pavilion is a far eastern cuisine fine dining restaurant having very exclusive seating with high end and unique furniture.

Brand Master Chef Inder Dev along with highly trained and experienced team of master chefs has crafted out a special menu of tasty Thai delicacies. The menu is perfect blend of all courses keeping in mind the palate of Indian customer yet the authenticity of dishes is well maintained and invites Thai and other far eastern travelers. The karaoke floor makes it more enjoyable and memorable for you to treat your beloved with your sing along magic.

The menu is simplistic and covers the best of Thai cuisines. Fresh elements and ingredients as well as exotic meats and fish offered me a large variety of options. Delicately prepared, flavours from hot and spicy, touches of tangy and sour to sweet are perfect. The food is authentic and the flavours exactly like one gets in authentic Thai food.

We being teetotalers were offered a traditional Thai black tea, namely the Cha Dum Yen, a star anise flavoured black tea. It was a delicious drink full of spicy flavours of star anise. We then tried the traditional Thai Som Tam salad, a green papaya salad which is spicy and topped with peanuts. We loved the green papaya salad and then relished the Tom Chuet soup. The clear broth soup with loads of vegetables was full of flavours and yummy.

A Thai meal is never complete without having starters before or with the soup. So we opted for the veggie option offered from the menu. And we relished Thot Man Khaophot which was deep fried Corn Fritters, and Phat Thai Karada Fang, which were the show stealers. Phad Thai in rice paper rolls which was served chiiled were awesome and we ordered a second serving of this.

Fully content with whatever we had till now, it was now time for the main course. And from the Meals section we opted again for the veggie again, namely, Kaeng Phet, Thai Red curry with loads of vegetables, Phat Phrik Khing – vegetables with dry spices with Khao Suai, Jasmine steamed rice and Khao Phat Sapparot, Pineapple fried rice and also the Phat Thai, stir fried flat noodles with veggies.

Thai Red curry and dry veggies were served along with a bowl of fragrant jasmine flavoured steamed rice.  Thai red curry was delectably smooth. The flavours of Thai food are a unique blend, and served up with flavoursome Jasmine rice with spicy dry veggies carried me to a new level of culinary delight.  The food was heavenly, the kind which one normally wants to eat.

And of course this grand feast concluded with me savouring the super duper desserts, Khao Niano Mamuang – Sweetened sticky rice with mangoes, and Tab Tim Krob, Rubbles in sweet coconut milk. Khao Niano Mamuang turned out to be amazing, my colleague was completely thrown off his feet and he finished the entire plate in a lightning speed.

We came back thoroughly delighted and soulfully full. I will recommend this place to anyone who loves well-cooked Thai food. The Oriental Pavilion, one of the best Thai restaurants at Fortune Select Excalibur, reflects a thoughtful marriage of fresh ingredients & simple cooking.


My Ratings

Décor : 4.5/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 5/5         Location : 5/5

Photography by Parej Chamaria for exaraveller, and views about food by Parej and Sheela.

Note: Images of the dishes are of actual serving sizes.  Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are based on a particular day and time, and are entirely ours and without any bias. No monetary favour was received.


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