Chemical Locha at Molecule – Air Bar

What do you expect when you go to a restaurant with Manish Sharma, Varun Puri, n Vivek Bhargav behind the name? Innovative presentations, gimmicks, molecular gastronomy and yes of course Yummy, lip licking food, Right guys?…  I guess Yummy food with a twist is the first priority. And along with good food if you get nice and courteous service with smiling faces, eye catching décor and good ambiance, how that sounds folks….

That’s what we got when we recently visited Molecule at Sector 29, Gurgaon. We came here for good food and got much more than that. The name of the restaurant sounded quite chemical and we did have some great chemical LOCHAS happen on our table live.

The best part about Molecule is the sitting arrangement. It’s not a big hall that they have, but still they have very well utilised the space. The indoor sitting area is spacious and not congested with too many tables.  The sitting area on the terrace is also quite big and you feel like you are in an outdoor studio setting. The sitting area on the balcony is also quite tastefully done – not too crammed.

The colourful furniture, propeller fans, tools like hacksaws, spanners, aero plane / glider models, old revolvers and framed engineering drawings  hanging from the walls, mask on the walls all added to the beauty and created a war museum like scene. And with the lightings it looked even more hypnotising. Also, there is a bar on each floor, the main being in the indoor section.

We were there for a review, and as soon as we approached the place, we were greeted warmly; we also had a chance to meet the Chef Piyush who demonstrated his molecular expertise in making a chaat and a dessert.

We started with a few drinks. I tried their Bengali Mojito (made with Aam Panna). It was quite nice, and also the Strawberry cinnamon, a mix of strawberry puree, cinnamon syrup and apple juice was a perfect fusion drink. Another impressive mock-tail was titled MAKE in INDIA, it was served on an oldie tea kettle, but the flavour was complex – A Big Chemical Locha.

Coming to the foody part now, the first welcome dish was a sphere shaped wobbly bomb served on a miniature model of a Smokey World War II truck. The amuse bouche, the shot in the spoon was a Rose flavoured raita sphere. It was flavored with the right amounts of rose syrup and as soon as I took the entire sphere in my mouth, it exploded and filled my senses with the exotic flavour. The dash of flavour made me feel divine.

Next was the Dragon Smoke Caramel Popcorn served in a grenade shaped metallic Pineapple cone. It comes in 3 flavours – Caramel, Pao Bhaji and Maggi Masala, we picked Caramel. These popcorns treated with liquid Nitrogen were ice cold and perfectly caramalised.  They were fun to eat in the begging but became soggy in a few minutes.

Again in the starters they served us Golgappas with five types of water in test tubes and sonth and green chutney in syringes with the chopped potato filling served in a toy pressure cooker. What a great presentation it had.. All the test tubes had different flavours, jal zeera with mint, beetroot and mango juice, sweet mango, aam panna and mango and grounded cumin.

We then had veggie mini samosas filled with cheese and chopped vegetables. We also had Ghee Roast Soya Keema served with mini malabari prantha and lacha radish salad. It really was an amazing dish. Following it up was Hitler’s favourite Maggi with white and red sauce and Tandoori veggie Dimsums.

We also had Air Bread with Paneer Tikka. These simply were little pockets of bread filled with cheese and topped with tandoori paneer. And Veggie Biryani Arancini served with dehydrated onions, raita sphere, pink peppercorns and salan creme.

Next came the surprise of the day for me. Chef Piyush Jain himself came out of his kitchen and started making the Re – De constructed Tokri Chaat. It was really worth watching and filming! The flavoured curd was first frozen at -176 degrees using liquid nitrogen. The frozen curd crumbs meet frozen dhoklas, fried spinach leaves, papri, boiled potatoes- all of which are poured over with Dhokla water. Then came a generous squeeze of curd, mint-coriander chutney and tamarind sauce. Garnished with typical sev and pomegranate, the mighty chaat was all mine to dig in.  The dish was full of delightful surprises, with so many components, every spoonful of it tasted different. Chaat was chilled and crisp till our last bite on plate.

Chef was still with us on our table and now it was the turn of a dessert preparation in a typical molecular style with unusual ingredients like blueberries, mangoes, cotton candy and cherry sponge cake. It was a delight to watch the Chef make the Imitation of Rasmalai, but we were not happy with the taste though. The cotton candy and cherry sponge cake made it very sweet and though we hated to leave a lot of leftover – but then we just couldn’t eat it.


As we prepared ourselves to leave, we were requested to wait for just one last dish. We did have a welcome dish, but were not prepared for the departing dish. It was a cone filled with strawberry yoghurt and candy floss. This took me back into my school days when I used to enjoy the candy floss a lot.

This recent addition to the Culinary scene of Gurgaon, Sector 29 was a good experience for us. So this longish blog. The place is already so popular that even on a Monday afternoon, the place was packed. Overall we also had a great experience at Molecule and we are dying to go back there to enjoy the food and the CHEMICAL LOCHAS again.

Here are my ratings for Molecule –Air Bar,

Décor : 4/5          Hospitality : 4/5             Food : 4/5        Budget : 4.5/5        Location : 4.5/5

Location : Sector 29, Gurgaon, Haryana.

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria / exatraveller photography.

Note: Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias. No Money exchange took place.


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