Pirates of the Grill

It was my first visit to Mall of India after its official opening – and what could have been a better place than Pirates of Grill. Loved the place at the first sight, great décor, comfortable seating, huge restaurant space, pirate maps, pirate murals, graffiti on walls, a live pirate entertaining you, table grills, live skewers etc. make this place the best amongst all the barbeque eateries in town. Low volume music helps you in having a conversation. The place has a very well balanced lighting and creates an amazing ambiance.

It’s a paradise for vegetarians. Loads of options are available for veggies in starters as well as the mains. Non – veggie lovers – don’t worry – they have an equally great selection in non-veggie section. I loved the desserts spread of the restaurant. I have not come across such a spread anywhere in Delhi restaurants. Guys, they even had more in desserts other than the spread out. Kulfi, Jalebi with Rabri and Live Tepanyaki ice cream – these were not included in the spread.

As soon as I settled down in my seat after a brief session of shooting the décor with my camera, the server enquired whether I would like to have a veggie or non veggie meal. Oh what difference will that have – was my query. I was told that they take good care about this – veggies are given white coloured plates and non veggie plates are black in colour. What a great thought? This way the servers also don’t serve vegetarians any non veggie dish by mistake and also don’t have to ask them for every dish.

Soon my table was provided with a already hot grill in the center and the selections from starters started arriving in skewers. The grilled menu serving are vast and unlimited. I had Pinenut Zaffrani Broccoli, Olio Cheese Kurkuri, Peanut Butter Paneer Tikka, Potato Salsa of spicy fried potatoes served with mayonnaise, sauteed cilantro Dimsum, crispy Churrasco Pineapple, etc. All these were served with a variety of dips n sauces that further add flavours to the dishes.

The place is not serving alcohol as yet, but me being a teetotaler had no problem with this. I feasted on the mock-tails like Pirates-Choco, Pirates Cinderella, Pirates Delight and Pirates Devil. Each of these drinks was awesome with added love n affection of a staff member at Pirates who was specially attending on me.

I was so full by the time I finished my starters that I skipped the soups and the salads which included raw Papaya Salad, fresh Green Salad, Vinegar Onions, Carn n Pepper Salad, Beans Sprouts, and many more options.

Main course menu again surprised me, it was vast and lavish and the dishes I liked were Amritsari Cholley, Dal Makhani, Kadhai Paneer, and Pudina Parantha. I now wanted to feast on the Desserts counter – so I rushed before anyone else can start disturbing the set counters.

I loved the spread and soon my plate was full with hot Chocolate Brownie, Orange Choco cake, White chocolate cake, cut Fruits, Live Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Moong dal Halwa,and so on, so on…..

I was still looking for more options after finishing my plate full, and seeing this, my personal attendant offered me Jalebi with Rabri and Kulfi from the live counters. He further offered for a ice cream combo from the Live Tapenyaki Ice Cream which I had to refuse – as there really was no space left in my tiny tummy.

Well that was a sumptuous meal for me at Pirates of Grill at MOI Noida. For your info – friends – they have a rotating menu, that means I will have to come again to try  other delicacies. But till I come back, why don’t you go out and have a hearty, satisfying meal at the Pirates an do yourself a favour…. .


Decor – 4.5/5       Hospitality : 5/5       Food : 4.5/5       Drinks : 4.5/5

Address – 3rd floor, Mall of India, Noida

All pictures by Pradeep Chamaria photography / exatraveller.

Disclaimer : Review done on invitation. Views expressed are based on the day and time of review. No money exchanged hands.


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