Lord of the Drinks @Nehru Place

There were no Lords present at the Lords of the Drinks at Epicuria Mall in Nehru Place when we all assembled for a bloggers meet there. Owned by Priyank Sukhija, this is a biggie lounge cum bar; chic styling and comfortable seats and amazing décor with yellow lighting and a huge bar. I was amazed and spell bound as I entered and made myself comfy in a huge sofa seating setup.

I was joined by another vegetarian bloggers who knew my choices very well. After ordering my mock-tails, I went around for a quick photo shoot of the property and décor and by the time I came back my drinks were ready.

We tried Jhatka Mary, a mix of Guava juice, spices and lime, and Orange & Strawberry Slush. We also had Chocolate and Coconut Shake and also a Mango Smoothie. The Jhatka Mary was pretty good but all the other drinks were a so-so.

For vegetarians there was a lot to choose from the starters menu and we tried  Waffle Brushetta, Mumbai Vada Pav, and Dahi ki Tikki. Mumbai Vada Pav was my favourite, and I liked the Waffle Brushetta too. Dahi ki Tikki was absolutely a waste. I was careful not to eat too many a starters because normally the starters quickly fill me up and I am not able to make it to the main course.

But not this time, and I ordered and really relished the Peri Peri Grilled Cottage Cheese and Bed of Saffron Rice. It was a great Dish, full of saffron fragrance and the Peri Peri sauce was amazing. This should soon become the talk of the town for vegetarians.

IMG_8692After a long time I had enough space in my tummy to indulge in awesome offerings from the sweet section. We had a platter of Lord of Nutty Chocolate Brownie, Fudge Banoffe Cigar rolls and Honey Seasame. It was one of the best till date and I relished it till the last bit on the plate.

For a Business area like Nehru Place LOD is an ideal place. And the Delhi Metro is also right there at the mall.  The place is also not very expensive. We visited during the lunch time and had to wait for a while. So folks – please try to book in Advance when you are on your way to Lord of Drinks Nehru Place, that is in case you don’t want to wait for a sumptuous meal.


Décor : 4/5                          Food : 4/5                            Drinks : 3.5/5

Where – Epicuria Mall, Nehru Palce

All images by Pradeep Chamaria Photography / exatraveller

Disclaimer : The views expressed are of the day and time of review. The experience may vary depending on your time of visit. No monetary exchange took place for the review.


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