Chef Profile : Chef Amanjeet Singh

We met Chef Amanjeet Singh during our visit to Habibi, Rajouri Gardens and were he was with us for most of our journey through his amazing creations. Habibi is is designed with a modern perspective.  Food at Habibi takes you through an inimitable story of food and culture through a colourful and flavourful palette of cuisines. The restaurant is spread across 3000 sq. ft. and offers capacity of more than 200 guests with an interactive Kitchen, well stocked bar and designated smoking area.

With exotic Arabic decor and a warm, inviting, contemporary space offering a relaxed lounging experience, Habibi aims to create a delightful atmosphere for each guest with its authentic character accentuated with live entertainment.

Habibi’s Chef Amanjeet Singh has a mission. Chef Aman is most well known for his daily appearances on Good Chef Bad Chef, however there is more to his career. Unlike many chefs, Aman hasn’t always dreamed of being behind the pots and pans. In fact, cooking was used to pay for his karate lessons, as he wanted to become a martial artist. However, this dream didn’t last long, as he suddenly found his calling as a chef.

Aman’s heritage includes “a melange of North African, Middle Eastern ,European , Indian, Mediterranean, novelle  cuisine”, which has influenced his passion for quality food that’s packed with flavour. Aman discovered a passion for food at the age of 14 on a trip of Durban, South Africa, while going for a party with his group in evening, he found a African guy doing BBQ party in his lawn and Amanjeet observed that guy doing flambe to a beef steak with brandy who’s flame was changing color due to the evaporation of alcohol. Those colors changed his colors of life and he decided to get know about it, He spoke to his father and he got a slap from him and he said in abusing words my son and (bawarchi) cook, not even in dreams, but he stood strong with his dream and goal of life and then began with his illustrious career as an apprentice chef at Chore Bazare Restaurant, Old Delhi, Delhi’s well know restaurant for Kashmiri food. And put his foots in Hyatt Regency hotel from there to holiday inn group from there chef Aman became a part of many new pre-opening restaurants with many new different concepts and food .

His food expresses his way of living and personality, on other hand he his man with quality of surprise elements. Always on the lookout for inspiration and ideas, chef Aman describes himself as an avid traveller who spends his holidays eating his way through food regions all over the globe.




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