Being Informal during the Monsoons

You work through the day and most of the time you behave in a Formal manner. It’s the sluggish weather too in Delhi and you feel like getting kool. So what do you do? Get INFORMAL- right. Yes folks, so why not head for this fabulous place in the heart of the city in CP and get chilled. It’s the Informal cafe guys that I am talking about.

Amazing place, its like going in a hill cottage with wooden interiors and seating sections with mattresses and pillows, and also the normal chair and tables. Spread over 6,000 square feet and three floors, ground, first and then a terrace on that. And the floors are connected by beautiful wooden stairs. The ground floor and first floor have separate bars as well.

Informal is owned by the owners of Imperfecto in Hauz Khas village, and is a great place to chill out – whether partying or just spending an evening with friends. It’s a perfect combination of a cafe and a nightclub. It is a unique and unconventional place serving a great variety of healthy food n drinks ranging from Oriental grilled specialties to our own desi delicacies. They also have a live band playing even in early evening which very few places have. And the performance was totally commendable.

Special mention is about a drink at Informal; they have a special which is called the “Barber Shots”. You are seated on a barber chair inside an area which is arranged like a barber shop. But you don’t come here for a hair cut or facial, you sit on the chair to enjoy a great drink. You enjoy a live cocktail – a combo of alcohol and some juices/ syrups. It was the moment of the day here. They also have a special Chai Time Menu 99, which again is a big attraction if you want to chill during your office hours.


Well, after doing a whirlwind tour of the place and deciding to make ourselves comfortable inside the air-conditioned indoor area in the sluggish n humid Delhi monsoon weather, we started with a few mock-tails. Great presentations, drinks served in fruity containers – full Pineapples, Coconut shells, and so on. But unfortunately the drinks lacked the punches that they should have had. The drinks just tasted like any normal drink – nothing Informally special.

Our attention now diverted to starters which again were presented artistically. Dahi ke Sholay got us floored. The kebabs were amazingly tasty with crispy skin and perfectly filling of hung, seasoned and sweetened curd. These made me informally emotional – reminding me of homemade Paneer Bread Pakoras.

We were here to sample the special Monsoon Menu, and the Dahi ke Sholay was not from this menu. So now, we focused our attention and tried most of the veggie offerings from the Monsoon Menu. The Corn on Charcoal, Special Veg Seekh, Grilled Paneer with potatoes and Cilantro crème, Grill stuff Mushroom with Brava sauce were served in quick succession. We loved the Veg Seekh and also the assorted pakoras.

We also tried their Nachos Salad with Tomato Salsa, and Pasta with white sauce from their regular menu, but the Salsa was too spiced for me, and my colleague loved and feasted on the Pasta with white sauce.

In the desserts section they have made the selection very wisely keeping in mind the monsoon season. Kheer, Daal ka Halwa and Gulab Jamun were on the menu. We also ordered the famous Chocolate Brownie with a vanilla ice cream topping that they have.

I personally didn’t like the Kheer and the Halwa, but relished the nutty brownie with ice cream (which I normally avoid at most of the places).

Over all it was a great experience and in the end we collected the 20% discount coupons that the owners were offering with a promise to come back soon.


Our ratings

Food – 4/5     Drinks – 3/5     Service – 4/5   Décor n Ambiance – 4.5/5

Address : Informal – 52 Tolstoy Lane, Janpath C.P New Delhi.

Photography by Pradeep Chamaria and Parej Chamaria for exatraveller.

All the pictures are copyrighted and any unlawful usage is subject to legal action.

We were invited by the managemet for a review of the Monsoon Menu and no monetary exchange took place between us and the management.



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