Dockyard the Brewing co.

A new eatery settled in a DOCKYARD? Yes guys, this is the latest, biggest and the most Wow addition to the most happening place in Gurgaon, sector 29.

And they have very aptly named it as Dockyard the Brewing Co. We were there for a media preview last week and the owners and the exec. Chef left no tables unturned to show us what a scene changer they are going to be.

It’s a great place – Dockyard the Brewery co. I loved the decor, it’s a huge place, and the interiors done like that of a shipping yard and a brewery together is fascinating. The owners, designers, chef and every person behind the place was personally present during the media launch to meet and explain the details.

This was one of the best launches I have attended in recent times. It’s a fabulous restaurant and the drinks and food at Dockyard are going to be a hit with the crowd at Gurgaon. Chef Swatantra has taken the food and its presentations to a new height. Innovative fusions have been tried and spicy twists have made each item a must try. The spicy twist to a normal Chocolate Mousse has turned it into a delicacy.

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Dockyard in itself has been designed in two floors with a bar on each floor. They even have outdoor seating arrangements for the ones who want to enjoy natural air during nice weathers. A huge LED screen in the basement area is the attraction of the restaurant.

The media launch was on 9th July 2016 and we sampled practically every mock-tail (called health drinks here) and veggie dishes that are going to be on the regular menu. Each and every food item is recommended, but would want to see some improvement in the quality of the drinks when I visit them the next time.

In the drinks section we tried – Carroappy ( a mix of carrot and pineapple), Lavish (fusion of basil and cucumber), Dockyard Sailor (pineapple and spinach), Taste of House,  Cumin queen (flavours of kitchen), 3 Sum Delight (beetroot, carrot and amla), Kiwi Melon Spritzer(kiwi and melon), Blends of Kings (mango, pineapple and ginger), Eve Fav (seductive apple with cool cucumber), and finally Melon vs Ginger (fruits vs veggie).

As already mentioned I was not very happy with the drinks – they tasted more chemical and soda. This was conveyed to Mr Ashish Goyal and chef Swatantra, and they promised to look into it before the actual launch for customers.

And in the food section – we started with the Dockyard classic mixed Mesclun Feta & Caramelised Nuts Salad and Oregano Vinaigrette dressing and I immediately got a feel of the level of food that was going to follow. We went on to have Corn & Cheddar Cheese Spring Rolls, Honey Chili Baby Potato, Tandoori Phool Jugalbandi (crunchy broccoli and cauliflower), Doodh Dahi ki Galauti (medallions of Lauki and dahi on ulta tawa paranthas), Kairi (raw mangoes chutney based) ka Paneer Tikka, Veggie Bruschetta bar, Thyme scented Mushroom Soup, and  Pizza Giardino (mix Veggies).

We had the Paneer Khurchan Platter and  Khao Suey (Burmese broth with noodles) for the mains. As we were busy savouring the delicious main course, Chef came over to our table and started explaining about the desserts that he was going to serve us. And I had to leave the main course in the middle and wait for the desserts.

I didn’t have to wait for long and the Schezwan Pepper Tiramisu, and Sumatra Rich Chocolate Mousse were served on our table. Visual delights, these two desserts were, and were heavenly in taste. The texture of Tiramisu was perfect and the spicy angle to the mousse made it more irresistible, the entire serving vanished in minutes and there were repeat orders for the same.

Chef wanted us to try out the other two desserts, Gur ka Parantha with Vanilla ice cream, and Crispy fried Ice cream with hot Chocolate Sauce. We loved them too but for me the Choco Mousse was the clear winner and even though I was full – I finished another serving.

This Mousse is certainy lgoing to give me repeat visits – Chef Swatantra – Are you reading this?

Note :

Food : 5/5             Drinks : 4/5           Decor   : 4.5/5              Service and Hospitality : 4.5/5

Address: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Photography by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller. Any unlawful usage of images will attract legal action.

We were invited for the media launch by the management and no monetary exchange took place.



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