Flowering Cacti

Flowering in an obvious or unobvious way is a natural process. So this obvious question – why doesn’t my cactus flower? For many, cactus is just a useless thorny plant, dull and drab to look at. . A little about Cactus first – it’s a Greek word, KAKTOS meaning a plant that pricks. But again not all thorny plants that prick are Cacti. Most of these cacti bear leaves or have very small leaves.

Well its obvious that all cacti do not flower. But some do flower and show huge flowers as the way of propagation. Some flower once a year and some flower once in many years. Few are aware that these plants too bear flowers which are not only pretty to look at but are actually quite dazzling in colour and appear in a variety of shapes and textures of petals.

Through a few images of such flowring cacti and succulents, I am trying to share the beauty that thse thorny plants can be. So enjoy the pics and if you like them – please go out and grow a flowering cactus in your gardens.



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