Terrific 25 @Aanch

I was halfheartedly climbing up four floors using the escalators inside the Shopper’s Stop Mall in Rajouri Garden last weekend to try out the new TERRIFIC 25 Menu at AANCH, the roof top restaurant at the mall. The invite was from Neha Bahl of Qube Communications and this doused the Aanch (flame) of suspicion in my mind.

Aanch turned out to be a plush restaurant on the fourth floor of the mall having a gigantic floor area of 20,000 Sq feet which caters to varied customer requirements under one roof.

It was raining on the day of the review and surprisingly the traffic was also very thin that day, so we reached a bit too early. But we were warmly welcomed and taken good care of and then we did a quick self tour of the property.

We met owner Mr Bhuvnesh Bhalla and his wife during our lunch at Aanch and they took us around the restaurant and explained the concept. The area is designed to resemble five components of life (Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Sky), namely Aanch (Fine Dining), Majlis (party hall), XTC (Bar), Kash (Hooka Lounge) and Company Baugh (an open air dining/theme party place).

Very aptly named Aanch, the restaurant signifies the importance of Heat or Flames in cooking. The owners and the great team of chefs have made it sure that the importance and significance of Aanch is evident in each of their culiniary creations.

To compete with all other new comers, innovative ideas and super artistic food presentations are the need of the times. Aanch is ready with such plans and have designed their Terrific 25 menu. We recently reviewed this terrific menu along with some latest additions to their drinks also. This menu is available for public from 1st August 2016 onwards.

Well, now to the drinks and the food from the Terrific Menu.

Being teetotalers, we focused our attention on mock-tails only. We requested them to give us all of them with some exotic desi twists. And soon we had the Tulsi and Melon Fantasy. It was a great presentation with scooped out watermelon balls pinned in toothpick. It was not a soothing drink though with the flavours unmatched in the fusion. If they can control the flavours of tulsi, then I am sure this will be the hottest cold drink they serve at Aanch.

We also had Anarkali (Fresh pomegranate, lime n orange juice with some mint syrup) Pure Veg (Cucumber nectar, ginger juice, decorated with a fresh cucumber slice), Veggie Virgin Marry (desi twist of Virgin Mary), Virgin Orange Caprioska, Chatpata Banta Badam,  and Very Berry Slush.

We liked the berry slush a lot, it was best of all the drinks. Other drinks need a little more attention while mixing and also the spiciness of the Veggie Virgin Mary needs a bit of correction, as they were using red chillies instead of the normal tobacco.

The presentations of all the drinks were fabulous, and my camera had a nice time clicking them.

It was time now to look at the food menu. I knew it is going to be a huge one – after all it has a collection of 25 great amazing and mouth-watering dishes. Even when I was busy looking at the menu, a welcome dish was served; Water melon cubes with cheese. Mushroom Cappuccino and Chicken Tom Yum soups followed soon. Being veggies, I just focused on to veggie soup and will talk about veggie only.

Soon our table was flooded with the arrivals of the other starters; first one was the Lemon Grass Mushrooms. One of the most amazing dish from the Terrific 25. What I loved of this dish and for that matter of every dish was the mild spice level that they have maintained in every dish. That’s a personal choice (some like more spices) and I was so happy. The presentation of the rolling cart was super.

Then came the Mahabali Paneer Tikka, Gabbar Ke Sholey, Smoked Mushroom Galouti, Panner Kumbh Makhanwala Pao, and Veg Cheese Quesadila. Each dish was artistically presented and I had a tough time in disturbing the setups. Gabbar ke Sholey were shaped like hand grenades which the true character in the film himself would have loved to eat instead of hurling them at Veeru and Jay. They were equally great in taste too.

In the non-veggie section too, there were some great innovative dishes like Galouti Golgappe (golgappas filled with a small piece of galouti topped and decorated with green chutney, and pomegranate seeds), Mango Chicken, Banana Chicken etc.


As it usually happens at places where I relish the food, it happened here too. I was full, had no space even for my favourite desserts. But then at the end I was happy to have tasted the main course dishes; Dal Makhani and Paneer Pasanda served with variety of Indian breads. There was Cheesy Baked Pasta also, which I had to bypass as I was savouring the perfectly made Dal Makhani. I would undoubtedly rate the Dal Makhani as one of the better ones I have got served in Delhi and my full marks to Chef Ashish Massey for this.


The entire team of Aanch assembled to meet us and we exchanged our views and suggestions on the Terrific Menu with them. This gave some time to get the food that I have consumed to settle down,and I was then ready to enjoy my dessert; Coconut Cigar with Ice Cream.

A small helping of ice cream served in a goblet had four pieces of Cigars (Deep fried rice sheet filled with coconut and cut diagonally with a garnish of chocolate sauce). The cigars were crispy and the ice cream supplemented the exquisiteness. This certainly is a NOT TO BE MISSED item at Aanch.


It was time to time to move on, so we left Aanch to get ourselves wet and cooled by the rains outside.

It was a great experience that we had reviewing the TERRIFIC 25 at Aanch. The menu has been very intelligently set keeping in mind the tastes of the local area and also have balanced choices for both veggies and non–veggies alike. No wonder that they have been the leaders of the culinary scenario in West Delhi for the last 5 years.

Friends, I know you enjoy reading my reviews, but please just don’t sit down on your lappys/tabs/or fones, take them along and rush to Aanch to enjoy the sumptuous Terrific menu from 1st August 2016.


Our ratings:

Décor: 4.5/5             Food: 5/5          Drinks: 4/5        Service: 4.5/5

Address: 4th Floor, Shoppers Stop Mall, Rajouri Gardens, New Delhi.

All images are copyrights of Pradeep Chamaria photography for exatraveller.

We were invited by the restaurant and Qube Communication for the review and no money exchanged hands. The review is based on a specific day ad time and is based on our personal experiences.


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