DRAMA-ebazi in Food

One great Drama stage unfolded in front of me when I visited DRAMA Upside Down Bar, the latest food joint owned by none other than Mr Dinesh Arora of Unplugged courtyard fame. Located at Rajouri Garden, the decor and ambiance had me hooked on instantly. I quickly explored the three floors that the restaurant has and found it awesome. It was as if I was in a world where everything other than me was upside down. An interesting theme on each floor created a typical theatrical scene and it sure is going to keep the visitor glued and revisit the place again and again.

The book shelves were upside down, the lamp shades upside down, every artifact upside down and even a setting of a table was hanging upside down on the first floor of the restaurant. It took some time for me to adjust my camera so as to truly represent the settings. The funny scribbling on the second floor also forced a smile on my face. The Mona-Lisa mural on the third floor had me laughing out at my loudest. On my way down found a young lady posing with the mural on the first floor walls – which made for a perfect frame for my camera and I had to click it.

The entire scenario is that of a theater where you go to enjoy a play.  Red velvet curtains, dark walls and rustic seats, and the brightly lit bar makes you feel great the moment you enter the restaurant. Spacious and comfortable seats, good and not so loud music, video games and ever smiling personnel make it a perfect joint for a prefect and romantic evening.

Coming to the drinks and food now; we were here for a review before the official launch of the restaurant. It was a mixed bag of feelings after the dinner. We found quite a few of the dishes amazingly delectable whereas a few needed improvements. The staff listened to our suggestions and promised us to improve on them ASAP.

There is a lot of fusion stuff on the menu which primarily is North Indian with quite a few entries from Chinese and Italian cuisine too. The food items were artistically styled and served in innovative containers and were given some quirky names. The choices were immense in both veggie and non veggie sections. Mock-tails and cocktails also had lovely presentations and were well done and tasted great.

We started with drinks, mock-tails as usual. We tried the non alcoholic version of Pan Mojito and Orange passion. Though I am not a great lover of mojito’s but the Pan flavour to the drink here made me love it. It was one of the best drinks that I have had in a long time.

Moving on to the starters we had Masachos (Nachos topped with masala kachumar salsa, rajma and lots of cheese). The highlight of the dish was its presentation, served on an upside down umbrella.

Next we had Baba Dhanoush, a Lebanese Pita Bread Platter, Paneer Tikka (served in a cage), Bun Faad Paneer (an unique presentation for a burger with sliced top and the base filled with chili garlic cottage cheese mixed with soya nuggets). We also had Railway kebab (served in a little steam engine with red embers inside), Grilled Pinwheels (bite sized cocktail vegetables and cheese sandwich), Tanchurian (Manchurian Balls skewed with grilled onion, tomato and capsicums), and Bambaiya Soya Wings.

The best thing about the food besides the presentation at DRAMA was their serving portions which were pretty huge and sufficient for two-three people. We had savoured quite a few of the starters and were full as usual (a normal scenario during food reviews) so we wanted to jump straight to the desserts section. But we were persuaded to at least try a few of the veggie main course items.

So we were served Chowka Paneer Patiala, Father Dairy’s Makhni Champey (the normal Daal Makhni served with Soya Chaap).  For breads we had Naan, which was served popping out of a toaster. We also had the Red sauce Pasta from the Italian section of the menu. Once again great presentations, but the mains lacked the taste that we were looking for (may it was also because of our full tummies).

We were served two of their signature deserts, Berry Ananas Roshogulla, and Agni Lava Brownie which was served on a sizzler. The Roshogullas cut into slices and garnished with chopped pistas and dried rose petals were a visual delight and it was really hard for me to dig in and relish them.

We also relished an unique dessert – it was a wonderful fusion of Tandoori marinations and sweet paan. This was a Tandoori Paan served as a dessert. A great try it was, but the fusion seemed turning into a confusion. I liked it anyways but my fellow bloggers had other views on it.

At the end of the evening, we thanked the managers and Vickrham for hosting us, and left with a promise to come back soon.



Service – 4/5               Décor -4.5/5    Food n Drinks – 4/5    Service 4.5 /5

Address: J-2/19, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Meal for Two: 1400 INR

Disclaimer: We were invited for a review. The views expressed are based on the particular day and time of review. No monetary exchange took place.

Photography: Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.


Some Non-veggie item Photos:


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