SHIKSHA SUDHAR – An IT Enabled Innovative And Socially Enthusiastic Movement.

Are you a parent of a school going kid?

Or are you planning to get your kid into school?

Well if your answer is YES to the above question, then the following feature is of utmost importance to you.

Delhi NCR has about 30 Lakh School going children and a big figure is waiting to get into schools in the coming year. Every year we hear and read stories of the problems faced by a parent and feel sad. We all have passed through this phase of trying and getting a kid into school.

But is getting your kid admitted in school is enough?

No, I guess as that’s when the problems start – it becomes a daily routine. All kinds of problems like advance fees, weekly PT meetings, regular demands of some kind of donation, e.g building fund donations etc start piling in. It becomes difficult to understand what to do – do your work or just sit back tight and attend to the problems of your kid’s school.

Worried, yes, you must be.

But Relax, there is a solution.

The energetic and equally concerned team at Shiksha Sudhar, an It enabled innovative and sociaaly enthusiastic movement is now available to address all your enquiries and also to address the issues.


Recently Om Info Logic LLP launched, an IT enabled innovative and socially enthusiastic movement, which seeks a solution to the plight of parents who are unhappy with the way schools treat them thus creating a mass movement to understand the Education Process of K 12 in Delhi/NCR (K12- is by the way kindergarten to class 12)., an initiative, is an online portal providing, not just information to parents of school going Children about their rights, but also giving end to end assistance against the problems that parents face starting with admission of their wards and till 12th (Intermediate) standard pertaining to malpractices by school administration.

Mr Deepak Khanna, Co-founder, ShikshaSudhar while at the launch said “This service is unique in nature. We will be assisting each of our members till the last mile to fight their problems backed by a professional team of Lawyers specializing in this field. Let’s all come and pledge to make this a movement and be a part of change!!”

ShikshaSudhar will consolidate the entire information pertaining to Admission Process of all Private Schools in Delhi and give access to parents, one click away by the Means of technology. The team will also provide assistance to underprivileged families who do not have access to representation and fall prey to systems and schools easily. It will share information / Experiences by Parents themselves on the App and spread awareness and information on a single platform.

With a Board consisting of experienced People from the field of Education, Administration & Law the aim is to provide legal assistance in terms of information or fighting some qualified issues legally in the court of Law through a Team of Lawyers.

The Shiksha Sudhar concept originated when Deepak Khanna, on a chilly winter morning, chanced upon a group of parents at a tea stall, collecting admission forms for their wards in nursery class. On being contacted later he learnt that nearly all were disappointed as their wards were denied admissions with none of them having any clue as to why they were rejected.

Time has come where we make the stake holders / Educational institutions accountable for what they should be doing. (Right to education) is a very small in Initiative but effects life of one and all.  This is a platform to bring all the parents to a common place where we are either unaware or are suffering from any education malice. We want the initiative to be a solution provider to the basic anomalies of the school education in Delhi/ NCR” added Mr Manan Vashisht, Co-founder. is today the only solution to save parents from being unhappy and dissatisfied and help them cross the information barrier for their Childs secure future through a secure Process of School Education.

As a community we all should join hands towards a fundamental right “RIGHT TO EDUCATION” and contribute to making this society a better place to live facilitating to highest levels of nationality and nation building” further continued Mr Nitin Chopra, Co-founder. can be taken as a good example of how IT interaction can make the process more robust as well as transparent, thus working towards a socio–education cause of working for the goal of education for all.

“In a lot of cases we realised that parents had no inkling about their own rights. Our team of lawyers will be available to guide them towards a better understand their rights and the next logical course of action as provided by law” said Senior Lawyer Mr Sujit Gupta who will be heading the panel of Lawyers.

But all good things in life have a cost attached, and this service for the entire platform of services will have a nominal cost of Rs. 999/- annually.


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