Royal meals at Heiwa Heavens the Resort, Jaipur

Little did I know when I first decided to visit Jaipur this time and stay at Heiwa Heavens the resort, that I will be treated so wonderfully as if I was the Queen of Jaipur.  Heiwa Heavens is a great hotel on the Agra Road in Jaipur and serves only vegetarian food on its premises.

Some quick facts about Heiwa Heavens:

The hotel is located out of the city on Agra Road and the aesthetically pleasing surroundings refresh the mind of the visitor. The hotel has three floors and each floor have a coffee shop /get together area with glass walls all around with a front property view. Three types of accommodation are offered – Deluxe, Super Deluxe Suites and Swiss Tents.

Heiwa Heaven has 50 luxury room and 15 Swiss tents (Rainforest Glam Camps) for accommodation, a barbeque area, Conference Hall, Banquet Hall, Game Zone, Spa, Swimming Pool, Gym and offers you great 100% Vegetarian dining options. They also provide free Parking and free Wi-Fi.

Eating at Heiwa was also great, really great. The quality of the food was equal to the luxury I was experiencing in the hotel. I had three meals and breakfast and the quality and variety of food was amazing. For breakfast I had cut fruits; papaya, banana, along with Butter toast and choice of Aloo puri/upma/parantha. I chose rUpma and Aloo parantha.

For Lunch we had a Set menu and we had a choice of Tomato and Sweet corn soup. I had sweet corn soup. For Salads we had simple cucumber/onion/tomato salad and also the sprout salad. The sprouts salad was nice, it was spicy and tangy.

For the main course, we had Pindi chana. Panner kofta, Bhindi fry, Dal, Methi Matter Mushroom, Pineapple raita, Vegetable raita along with breads. The Pineapple raita was too sweet, but noticing this, the staff immediately replaced it and served us a less sweetened one.

We also were served the traditional Papads with our lunch. The quality of food was great and the kitchen staff deserves a pat or two on their back.

For desserts we relished some amazing Gulab jamuns and Ice crème in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours.

During our stay we also relished evening ntea along with some snacks at the Common room on the first floor. We were treated with tea/coffee and French fries, Bread pizza and cheese balls.

We had a very busy day at the hotel while enjoying a dip in the pool, getting massaged at the Spa, and doing all kinds of adventure activities. So we were soon hungry and as the night set in, we headed for the Dining area by the swimming pool. Cocktails were served for us, but myself being a teetotaler, I ordered a few mock-tails; Fruit punch along with appetizers like Panner tikka, Hara Bhara Kebab, Corn Kebab.

For our dinner it was a special arranged set up in royal, Rajasthani style. Individual tables with traditional sitting style couch, red velvet spreads and pillows by the pool side; it was really mystical, mesmerizing and pampering. Traditional Rajasthani cuisine was served by caring and smiling staff members.

Kair Sangri, Dal, plain and mixed Bati, Churma (made of atta as well as besan), Paneer, Mix veggies, Raita, Salad, Chili pickles, Garlic chutney (was excellent – I ate the whole bowl), Papad, Naan, Missi  Roti were the hightlights of the dinner followed by Kesar Kheer for the dessert option.

I really loved all the meals I had during my stay at Heiwa Heavens and for sure, I would definitely love to stay in Heiwa Heavens again whenever I am in Jaipur. Not even one doubt. If you are want a comfortable luxury stay in the city, Heiwa Heavens is one of the best options for sure. And personally, the quality of the vegetarian food in the hotel is unmatched. Really delicious and I can recommend that to everybody.

Heiwa Heaven, the Resort.

Jaisinghpura Khor, Jamdoli Chauraha, Agra Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302031

All pics by Sheela Chamaria for exatraveller.

Review based on inputs from Sheela Chamaria


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