Relive ur college canteen life at “Canteen till I die”

As I sat in Canteen till I die in SatyaNiketan market near south campus Delhi University, a flashback of my college life started and made me emotional. I thought of those days and the shortage of good low priced food joints at that time.

We always used to be short on cash while in college and eating out or having a date in a restaurant was a NO-NO situation. But for the youth today, even if they are short on cash, Canteen is a great option. This place serves you amazing food and drinks without burning a hole in your pockets.

We found this place to be a very friendly joint, both on financial front and also on human grounds. Owned by Baldeep Singh Sabharwal and his friend Pradeep Jajoria, Canteen pampers you as if you are in company of your near n dear ones and relishing a wide n exquisite range of beverages paired with food.

Pradeep is more involved with the daily working of the canteen and is present there in the evenings after he comes back from his 9 to 5 job. Pradeep told us that, there had been a big need for a pocket friendly place which provided quality snacks and beverages, and so he along with Baldeep came up with this idea and launched Canteen till I die in June 2016. He further said that thoug the pricing at Canteen are rock bottom but there is no compromise in the quality and quantity of the food that they serve.

As the name suggests, the decor and ambiance is simple with ample space inside. They have a seating capacity for 40 guests at a time. The seating arrangements, the posters, mirrors, and one-liners on walls, and the worn out look on the rugged walls give you a feel of a real canteen that you might have in your college. This place basically is a place where you can go and enjoy a student adda with a restaurant like ambiance at a price range that even other adda joints can’t offer.

Now about the food n drinks:

Canteen till I die has a new menu and we were trying out the new menu.

We started with the mango and chocolate shake shots which were served in cute mason jars. The shakes were thicker and creamier than what you get at other places. On Pradeep’s advice we then ordered the Paan n Gulkaand version of Mojitos from the menu. They also have 3 more versions of mojitos, but guys the Paan version was the best one. Normally I like to end my meals with a Paan but it was different at Canteen.

If you are in South Delhi and you miss Paan n Gulkaand, then you really have not enjoyed the canteen.

You have many more options from the drinks menu. Thandai – both classic and rose flavoured, variety of shakes, smoothies, exotic n innovative shakes made out of Jalebies, ice creams and others – will make it difficult for you to make a choice. Every drink is so well made and priced in such a manner that even a   school student can afford it.

We tried the rose flavoured Thandai, Jalebi Bai, Ferro Choco shake, Slow Pressed Juices, Alive by Lemonades – specially the black lemonade. They have all these drinks available in different quantity options – glass or pitcher full, or even by ml servings.

In the food section of the menu, we tried toasties, paranthas, pizzas, pastas, burgers, Maggi combos (Andhra and Achari style), salads etc. It was surprising to see the big serving size too at down to earth prices.

The hottest was the Canteen veggie Pav Burger. The burger made with a Pav was perfectly spiced and it was delicious. My colleague wanted a second serving, but the by this time the Pasta Piazza bhai bhai arrived and we forgot everything else. It was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten at such a little price. The serving size was also huge, a 6 incher and two of us found it hard to finish. They have used actual pasta as the topping to flavour the in-house made base of pizza, and friends this will surely pull me back to canteen whenever I am in south Delhi.

We sampled a few other things from the menu and we tasted the veggie spring rolls, Pav Bhaji, Potato Mozzarella Balls, French fries with trio dips, Nachos Chaat bowl. The Pizza definitely was the best of all and followed by the Pav Burger. Both the dishes will soon see me visiting canteen again and relive few moments of my college life.

How can we forget the Desserts, and Canteen has a wide variety of desserts. We settled down for Jalebi Celebration and Brownie Crumble & Chocolate Ganache with raisins n nuts. The jalebi disappointed us, as the jalebi got soggy with the ice cream. We really felt sorry to waste the dessert, but then the brownie was superb. Unlike other places where brownies are normally outsourced, they prepare it in in-house at Canteen. An addition of a small scoop of ice cream would have had done wonders with the dessert and we suggested Pradeep to try that, and are going back this week to canteen to try out our favourites again.

Wanna join us friends. Yes, come in and join us and lets relish some of our favourites and a few other dishes and drinks from the amazingly low cost menu of Canteen till I die.


Location – 4/5                    Ambiance – 4/5                Food n Drinks – 4/5         Service 4/5

Address:  297, Ground Floor, Opp. Venkateswara College, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Photography by Pradeep Chamaria and Parej Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invite by the restaurant and the PR agency handling the restaurant. Our views are based on the day and time of our visit and no monetary exchange took place.


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