Quirky mistakes in Bollywood movies

We all love our Hindi films thoroughly. I also am a big lover of these films and with the modern technology I watch these movies on the move alo snow on my Smartphone and laptops.

These gadgets are super to watch Hindi movies as I can pause, replay and slow motion play a movie at any stage and play my favourite scene again.

I specially love watching the funny mistakes that our movie makers make and watch them again and again.

It’s the same situation in modern day movies as well as the old classic movies. They all make such funny n quirky mistakes. In the modern day cinema mistakes like playing a not even released song in the background in Bhag Milkha Singh, also a mobile tower in the same film and so on ….

I am trying to list down a few of such quirky situations from old classics:

  • Hamraaz, 1967 – Registration plate changes in two scenes from DUI to DPO.
  • An Evening in Paris, in 1967 Sharmila Tagore is fully dry even after a full song sequence where she goes through the water-skiing.
  • Ram Aur Shyam, 1967 Students coming straight from schools to a birthday party.

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There have been infinite other instances when our respected directors have made such mistakes – but I  love these mistakes as they add humour to some otherwise boring movies.

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