Unclutter Your Indoor Air with Blueair Air Purifiers

We spend the major part of our time indoors – either at home or at the workplace. And in today’s world we need clean air to breathe and stay healthy.

blueBlueair, a world leader in innovative air purification technologies for over 20 years, launches Two New Air Purifier Ranges In India, Accelerates Offline Retail Expansion

Blueair consolidates its leadership position in the Indian indoor air cleaning market with this launch of two new air purifiers, the hyper-efficient, street-cool and affordable Blue and the IoT-smart Classic ranges. The launch also heralds a major drive by Blueair to bring its wellness enhancing purifiers to even more Indians with a major expansion of the company’s retail network in Delhi and Mumbai, which will be rolled out into other major cities across the nation in the coming months.

“October is typically a time of the year when the air quality begins to worsen again in major cities after the monsoon season, which is significant because indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air,” said Girish Bapat, Blueair Director, West and South Asia Region. Blueair Classic purifiers can ease the seasonal transition and remove the pollutants and irritants building up in our homes and work spaces – everything from allergens like pollen to harmful VOCs given off by paints, building products and scented candles.

Coming to stores in Delhi and Mumbai this October, the new units include the connected Blueair Classic 280i, 480i and 680i. All three models are newly equipped with Blueair’s built-in clean air intelligence technology that integrates seamless WiFi with the standalone Blueair Aware air monitor to help consumers better understand what is polluting their indoor air and to ensure they speedily remove the contaminants.

The connectivity feature of the Blueair Classic is an added benefit, allowing users to control the purifier through their smart phone or Apple Watch. When linked to the Blueair Friend app and  Blueair Aware, consumers can monitor the exact contents of their indoor air and adjust purifier settings remotely.

The other purifier ‘Blue’ air purifier uses new technological and design to allow more people than ever before remove unhealthy pollution from the air they breathe. With its clean and sleek design, Blue offers optimized indoor airflow and filtration technology that removes smoke, pollen and dust particles down to 0.1 micron in size at a stunning 350 cubic feet per minute.

Blue is deceptively simple, yet packs a supremely efficient punch when it comes to quietly trapping airborne threats to health,” said Mrs. Elin Ward, the Blueair engineer behind Blue’s must-have pioneering technology. She added that Blue delivers value-for-money air cleaning with the same superior efficiency as more expensive air purifiers.

Another unique benefit of Blue is that users can easily personalize the air purifier to suit the décor of their rooms. Blue’s replaceable, washable external fabrics double as a pre-filter and are available in five chic colors — blue, yellow, pink, light gray and dark gray – something that have helped

Blue already win a 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

“In addition to its aesthetics, BLUE is definitely for those who suffer from allergies, and also for families with newborns, because it promotes clean air, improves sleep and wellbeing for the home,” Elin said.

Made of recyclable materials Blue brings highly effective air cleaning at an affordable price to homes across India. Blue weds forward-thinking design with technology and materials innovation to deliver a new way to put clean, breathable air at home or work on the agenda of a younger generation.

Blue by Blueair is now available in Delhi and Mumbai prior to being rolled out elsewhere in India.

“Our mission at Blueair is to help Indian women, children and men confront the health challenges posed by rising air pollution by giving them access to the best air cleaning technologies that can create safer indoor havens,” said Girish Bapat, Blueair Director West and South Asia Region.

“Blueair is the brand leader in the premium segment of India’s fast growing air purifier market. The launch of our new Blue air purifier creates a tremendous opportunity to allow even more people to breathe clean air at home and to further strengthen our position in the Indian marketplace,” Girish said

“Both the Blue and the Classic reflect Blueair’s industry leading design ethos to deliver simplicity together with inclusiveness in products innovated to deliver 100% air purification satisfaction, regardless of the pollution inside or out on the street,” said Girish Bapat.

The Blueair Blue is available now from INR 22,990, and the Blueair new smart Classic is available from INR 55,000.

About Blueair

Founded in Sweden in 1986, Blueair today is sold in over 60 countries around the world and delivers home and office users more clean indoor air for enhanced user health and well being faster than any competing air purifier.

For more information, visit:  www.blueair.com/in








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