Bold n sexy in your Favourite Jeans

Over the last decade we have seen rise of Jeans as a very popular article of casual dress around the world. Jeans are trousers, a type of garment, typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Often the term “jeans” refers to a particular style of pants, called “blue jeans,” but over the years we have seen many colours and styles.

Jeans were once seen as tough work clothes, but the evolution and popularization over the years have made them an enduring part of everyone around the world. Kids, youth and oldies as well, everyone loves jeans for the comfort they provide and the ease of carrying it on you. Jeans are known as a popular fashion garment for several decades, but they are still worn as protective garments by some individuals, such as cattle ranch workers and motorcycle riders, due to their high durability as compared to other common fabrics.

When it comes to my personal choice while selecting a trouser or a jacket for me too, jeans are the first preference. Chances are that you will find me wearing a pair of jeans even at work, at party, at a meeting, on a trek, in a boat, flying my paraglider, oh yes dear, almost everywhere.

I normally prefer buying branded jeans – Levis or Wranglers, but last year I happened to buy one fbb brand at Big Bazar Big Denims Festival (fashion bazaar at Big Bazar), and was amazed at the quality of the product.


at Haveli in my fav jeans


It was a mid-waist straight fit jeans, a perfect fit for me, and was a great comfort wear, skin friendly, and made from the finest quality of denim cloth available in the market. I happened to wear those jeans everywhere. I wore them during flight on my paraglider at Billing in October last year, went for a Trekking trip in May this year, wore it during restaurant review sessions at Haveli Dharampura in Delhi, wore them during a sports shooting event last month, and also during a pilgrimage in MP.


During a paragliding flight

Overall, I would say that Jeans are my best friends, and Fashion @ Big Bazar does  a great job through its #boldissexy theme and has even given me a bold look at my age.


during a sports event


Inside a temple in my fav jeans

The management at fbb is also giving an opportunity to all the bloogers in the country to come out with their creative best and get rewarded. They are inviting bloggers to capture 5 creative looks in the jeans they have bought from Big Bazar and blog about it. Then Register & submit that blog. on

Top 100 participants will be selected on October 13th and will be given a new topic to blog, based on which final 30 will be selected by a panel of judges. Top 30 winners will fly  to Mumbai for an exclusive event and will be trained by fbb officials. They will also win loads of goodies worth Rs. 1,00,000*  plus exclusive membership to fbb #Blogstar club!

Well friends I have done my post with 5 plus looks on myself clicked during the last year, so get up and – wear your jeans and click some awesome selfies and post them.




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