New Menu at Townhouse Cafe, New Delhi

Last few months have been a period of some great food tastings for me. Numerous new restaurants came up in the city area and so were various invites for food reviews, photo shoots, and bloggers meets. Also gave me chances to meet a few professional food bloggers, instagrammers and a few party lovers.

Delhi people love their food, and they can go out to any extent to get good tasty food.

I recently happened to be at the Townhouse Café in Munshilal Building, N-block, outer circle of Connaught Place. Wow, I was surprised to walk into the first floor of this small building. The N block is a very busy foodie complex. It has flyp mtv, the Junkyard amongst a few other well established restaurants. But I was mesmerized as I walk into a charming, high-ceilinged, wooden-beamed, tiny, dimly-lit, olive green-walled bar with amber lightings.

The lounge has two entrances – one takes you to the Bar and the other to the elegantly done sitting area. The interiors are very exquisitely designed. Its basically a pub lounge with grand swanky décor. The ambiance is typically that of a European Townhouse and is owned by Priyank Sukhija, who currently has more than 19 restaurants across the city.

It is a very big place, and the mirrors on walls make it look even bigger. The lounge is divided into two big areas, one with comfortable sofa setting, and the other near the bar. The menu is exhaustive and you get various options to choose from – Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, and Chinese.

We were here to taste the new menu, and we were delighted to taste the enormous serving sizes of each delicious dish.

The Town House Café has a huge range of both Cocktails and Mocktails. We tried a few mocktails, Watermelon and Mint Lemonade was an extraordinary drink and I did go in for a repeat. The Basil Mojito with Basil and Clove was also great with a lip smacking clove infusion.

We also had the Townhouse Fruit Bull which was a mix of peach and watermelon juice, lime and ginger topped with red bull, and also Chocolate Hazelnut Shake. I was not at all happy with both these drinks and promptly conveyed it to the person attending us. He made a note of it and promised to improve on.

Moving on to the munchies now, we started off with the Salad, Summer corn salad with Mojito Vinaigrette, which was a fresh Salad with cherry tomato, olives, corn, bell peppers, lettuce and a refreshing dressing. The salad was outstanding.

We then moved on and had Galawati kabab with mini tawa parathas, Tzatziki and mint; Stuffed Italian Bread Pizza; Croissant bowl with masala fries and coleslaw; Spaghetti Aglio Olio with spicy corn salsa; Schzewan Hot Pot (schzewan rice topped with spicy curry and veggies); Crispy Honey Chilli Aloo Tikkis (mint Potato patties served on a bed of khimchi salad); Dosa Aloo Pattice with spicy Misal Pao; Bunny Chow with Koshimbir salad and Amritsari Choley; Mushroom Vol-au-ments (puff pastry with mushrooms cooked in Arabic spices); and Cocktail Tandoori Idli Kebabs.

The honey chilli aloo tikkis were amazing, sweet and sour potato patties satisfied me to the core of my tummy. Every dish was delectable and the fusion preparations tried were fully successful. Whether it was a fusion of Mumbaiya or South Indian, or of Punjabi and Chinese, or the experimentation of making a pizza out of a bread roll, everything was outstandingly fantabulous.

I loved the Stuffed Italian bread pizza, a bread roll cut out in the middle (like a hotdog) and filled with Cheese, veggies and sauce and then baked. It was one of the best innovative dishes I tried at Townhouse.

We also had the Mint Golgappa shots with fusion Khimchi aloo filling served with refreshing mint vodka shots (was served sans vodka on my request).

What I didnt like was the Mushroom Vol-au-ments. The pastries base was too bland and the toppings at the top were not sufficient to give it a taste. The spices were practically absent and it was totally bland and I had to gulp it down with a drink.

Also the golgappas were not up to the standards that Townhouse should be. The golgappas were soggy, were more like Papadis and the filling was too little to give any taste to it.

I was badly disappointed with the new additions to the dessert menu. There were two desserts – the Red velvet cake jar, and the Kala Khatta Cheese Cake. The Kala Khatta Cheese cake experiment looked go bad as neither the kala khatta nor the regular cheese cake taste was evident. It really was a waste of efforts.

The Red velvet cake served in jar was just ok but it could have been better. I have a big sweet tooth craving so for me it was ok, but for others on my table even this was a no-no.

It will not be nice on my part if I don’t say a word about the service. It was one of the best one could expect at a crowded restaurant and the best part of it was that the waiters knew exactly what was being served.

Our Ratings:

Food- 4.5/5         Service- 5/5      Ambiance n Décor- 4.5/5

Meal for two: RS 1,800 approx

Address: N Block, Outer Circle, CP, New Delhi

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are based on the day and time of review. No money exchanged hands.




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