Parsi Food Festival

Delhi is a foodie’s paradise, you get plenty of Punjabi and other regional delicacies in Delhi foodie markets. But Parsi food is not found so predominantly in Delhi as compared to Western India. Being a regular traveler to Mumbai I have had fortunes of enjoying the amazing Parsi food, but in Delhi the best bet to get a taste of Parsi delight is to go to a Parsi friend’s house and feast on the authentic food.

Keeping this in mind, and for a lovely change, ‘Made in India’ at Radisson Blu MBD, Noida has organised a Parsi food festival and are offering exotic Parsi delicacies to its patrons till October 23rd 2016.

Mumbai-based chef Kaizad Patel, was there at the hotel for a master-class session and to demonstrate two special dishes, one veggie and the other non veggie for us.  They also have curated a special menu of traditional Parsi dishes. Chef Kaizad’s prepared two of his signature dishes; Chicken Farcha and Patra Nu Paneer.

We were informed that Parsis emigrated to Gujarat from Iran more than a 1000 years ago. The Parsi food’s flavour profile is often sweet-sour in nature which is a reflection of Persia and Gujarat’s culinary. Parsi food normally always use sugar/jaggery and vinegar in their food.

The menu for this festival has been specially designed by Master Chef Kaizad Patel himself, and we were treated with some authentic and traditional dishes, which included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, like Bhujeli Kaleji, Patra Nu Paneer, Parsi Peg Ice Cream, Mawa Cake etc.

We being veggies began with veggie starters Kera Nu Cutless, and Makai Cheese Na Pattice. Makai Cheese Na Pattice or what we normally know as corn fritters with cheese tasted fantastic with a spicy berry dip. It was a super starter and I went in for 3-4 helpings. Keru na Cutless also was amazing, I never thought raw bananas could taste so great.

From the main-course selection, I tried out Patra Nu Paneer, Vegna Ravaiya, and Bhindi Sambhariya along with assorted breads.

Patra Nu Paneer as demonstrated in the master class was a big slice of fresh paneer, covered in a a sweet-sour chutney, wrapped in a banana leaf and slow steamed in boiling water. Though at the first bite I didn’t like it much, but as the flavours of Parsi spices sank into me, it was like being in culinary heavens. The paneer was soft and juicy and asted wonderful, Trust me guys, and don’t miss out on this Parsi food Festival.

Vengna Ravaiya, again was a sweet-sour dish made from brinjal and flavoured with Parsi vinegar, garnished with coriander leaves and it tasted great too.

Bhindi Sambhariya appeared nothing different then what we normally have at home. But the taste was the difference, the spices had made all the difference and there were moments during my meal when I was just eating the breads with bhindi only.

I loved the food so much that I had wiped all of my plate, not a single drop of gravy was left on the plate. And now it was time for the desserts. And we were served Chatpat with Parsi Peg Ice Cream, Mawa Cake, and Lagan Nu Custard.


The Parsi peg ice cream was smooth and not too sweet, and also not too airy but still gave that fuzzy feeling. Next up was the Mawa Cake and it was yum. Creamy, silky, cold, not too sweet, it just vanished in a minute from my plate.

It really was a lip smacking foodie session, generous portions, and lovely service made it a well spent lunch time

So guys – if you love trying out different cuisines, head straight for Noida and get into Radisson Blu MBD for a heavenly experience.

Address: Made In India, Radisson Blu MBD, Sector 18, Noida

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for


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