A Foodie Stock Exchange

Well if you are a financial professional – how can you avoid being at the Dalal Street, which is our own version of the world famous Wall Street that attracts thousands of investors every day.

Similarly if you are a foodie – how can you not go to the Cafe Dalal Street. Yes, the cafe depicts a different kind of Dalal Street. It’s a foodie Dalal Street.

Even being a foodie, I was avoiding this great place in the heart of Delhi – the white colonnades of Connaught Place. I have heard and read some fantastic words about Café Dalal Street and when they introduced a new Menu for 2016 Delhi winters, I finally visited the official Food Stock Exchange and enjoyed a good dinner.

The drinks here are served based on the theory of demand and supply. The prices keep varying as they do at the stock exchanges.  You feel like as if you are sitting in a broker’s office and the floating rate chart shows various statistics.

Spread over an area of 6000 square feet with a seating capacity of 300 people, Cafe Dalal Street is a joint venture of Himanshu Gupta, Vidit Gupta and Prateek Kochar. Dimly lit with orange light – the ambiance is hypnotising. The walls show Google map of Connaught Place and silly graffiti notes and 3-D murals depicting a day at the exchanges. There is a VIP Area, a dance floor with a DJ console, C chaped bar and booth styled sitting and it also has a beautiful terrace.

Well, coming to the drinks and food now. We were here to taste the new Menu and we had a mixed experience. The starters need some more working but the mains and desserts were fantabulous.


In the starters I will just talk about the good dishes that we tasted. I loved the Tawa Paneer Golgappas- they were one of their kinds.  The dish was Innovative and tasty. The Golgappas were served with a makhani dip and the filling was small cubes of tawa paneer (in place of the traditional aloo-chana). It surely is a must try starter for everyone. They also have a non-veggie version of it.

We also tried the Dahi Kebabs, crumb fried Jalapeno Poppers and Mushroom n Beetroot Galouti. Dahi kebab was one starter which I would rate just ok. The kebabs were soft but slightly undercooked. I will also put the Mushroom & Beetroot Galauti and Jalapeno’s Poppers in this qualification only. But Banarsi Mirch ka Paneer Tikka did not have a good balance sheet and it should not have been listed on this foodie stock exchange. They have to improve on the performance of these entries in their portfolio to attract more foodie investors.

The main course menu had flavours from all over India – from Amritasri Chur Chur Naan and Chole from North to the Missal Pao of Maharashtra. And that’s where the café scores perfect points from us. They also had Fajita Veggie and Kulcha Panini Veggie for the vegetarians.

The Missal Pao definitely was the best performer of the day and very high in demand and the dish pricing was always seeing a gain on the index. We also loved the performance of Amritsari Kulcha and bought quite a few units.

As it happens at almost every foodie joint with me, I was full, there was no space left in my tummy. But for me as no meal is complete without a dessert, so I ordered the Sizzling Brownie and Churros.

I normally don’t like Churros – for me it a very simple dessert. But at Café Dalal Street, I just loved them. They were crunchy, deep-fried and wrapped in sugar with some white chocolate sauce dipped over and dark chocolate sauce kept aside was just awesome.

I don’t know what happened to my other dessert. And as it was not served for quite some time I had to re-order it. And I was happy that I re-ordered it. It was one of the best dish from the menu that we had that night. Steaming hot dessert was served with a hot brownie with a vanilla ice cream top placed in between a sizzling hot chocolate lava layer.

Don’t miss it folks when you go to Café Dalal Street – it surely is the best here.

Well I guess there normally are hiccups with every establishment and we were unfortunate to experience these here during our visit. So I will skip writing about the drinks section of Dalal Street as I was disappointed with the staff’s reluctance in serving mock-tails and also when served it was not up to the quality of drinks that Dalal Street normally boasts off.

We also found the tables quite Messy – they were not properly cleaned after the earlier patron has left. The waiter’s response was quite unexpected – the orders were overlooked. I am sure this is not normal and the management will have a look in it.

Our ratings:

Food: 4.5/5              Drinks (mock-tails): 3/5         Service: 3/5

Address: M block, Outer Circle, Connaught Place.

Meal for two, with drinks is approximately Rs 2000.

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are based on our personal experience based on a particular day and time. No monetary exchange took place.


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