Sunday Brunch @Gallery Cafe at Hyatt Place Gurgaon

As I entered Gallery Café at Hyatt Place for a Sunday Brunch, I got attracted to the huge spread of Desserts and different types of Breads. The Gulab Jamuns decorated with water melon slices and a basil leaf hypnotized me and I got pulled to the counter.

Quickly finishing off the formalities of exchanging Hi(s) with our hosts, I returned to the Desserts counter with a big plate, and filled it up with about 7 of the mouth watering desserts.

You guessed it right dear, I have a very very big sweet tooth and when I returned to my table everyone, who were busy savouring the main-course delicacies stared at me. But I just ignored those glares and started feasting on my desserts plate.

The Gulab Jamun was even more delicious than its looks. The Orange crumbles, Choco-orange pastry were amazing. The chef had managed to keep both the flavours, orange and choco, so evident in the pastry – It really was a masterpiece. Other desserts which I feasted on were the Kesar Kheer, slices from the Choco cake and the Fruit Cake; everything bowled me over a couple of times.

Thoroughly satisfied and kind of full with my sweet journey, I now tried the normal salty section of the Brunch spread, which again was huge: Dhoklas, Khandavis, Chilli Paneer, Stuffed Potatoes, different kinds of salads and soups, a counter specially for kids serving their favourite pancakes, and many more breakfast dishes.

The live kitchen counter was serving all kinds of my favourite Dosas and Uttaphams; I settled for a mixed Uttapham with Sambhar and coconut chutney. As I sat relishing my B/F dishes in my plate, I was requested to also try the Bar-be-que that was held at the outdoor sitting area.

So after finishing my plate, we headed for the outdoor area to try out some Desi as well as international flavours at the Bar-be-que. We settled for a veggie stuffed Mexican Taco, Paneer Tikkas, and Salsa Nachos.

Well, I was full, my tummy was complaining, but as we walked past the Desserts counter once again pulled me and I once again took 2-3 more of the desserts that I have not tried earlier.

The management had planned another surprise, “the cake cutting ceremony” on occasion of their completing two years. Ms Maulina along with her entire team welcomed us back in the indoor area and they were ready to cut this huge cake they have specially crafted for the occasion.

We joined in the celebrations and for me I again had a big bite of the cake to satisfy my hunger for sweety bites. Well, it was now getting a bit too much for my tummy, so I decided to relax on the comfortable seats near the glass windows, and enjoyed a hot cup of Americano Coffee to finish my lavish Sunday Brunch.

Well folks, I am sure you all must be knowing what a great place this Gallery Café at Hyatt Place in Gurgaon is… For those still scratching their heads, it is an all day dining restaurant serving buffet as well as a- la –carte. It’s a great place to be pampered by a super friendly host team who make it sure that every guest is treated well.

The decor of the restaurant is simple and elegant with a live kitchen open from three sides. The dining area is huge and very well decorated. It’s just the kind of place that you would ideally want for a get-together with friends or family and enjoy good food. It in fact is a great place to be on Sundays when you can relax either in the indoor or outdoor area and enjoy your Sunday Brunch.

The cafe is inside Hyatt Place, a very well landscaped property located in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. Lush green outdoors welcome you as you enter the hotel. The cafe and the hotel has one of the best staff team in the entire area and after my visit I can vouch for that.

Our Ratings:

Décor n Ambiance: 4/5        Food: 4.5/5       Service: 4.5/5

Address: Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon.

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: We were invited to celebrate the completion of 2 years and the views expressed are entirely based on the day and time of our visit. No money exchanged hands.


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