“Chull” – a quirky resto-bar that intends to cast away social stigmas

Well , well, what to say, I was speechless when I saw a sign board with “Chull ” written on it and being installed in sec 29, Gurgaon during one of my visits to a couple of weeks back. I saw the name again at the Grub fest at JLN Stadium recently.

The name was a little wild and kind of repelled me first. But then being a person who always likes to explore the world, I went for a review session at Chull, as they call it, and claim it to be a quirky resto-bar that intends to cast away social stigmas.

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The idea is entirely that of the owner Shubham Gupta, who during one of his visits to USA stumbled on to this idea of Taboos in the society. The openness of the western society towards the adultish taboos and chill out nature of the youth in the western countries made him think on this idea and he also came up with this venture which supports notorious double meaning slogans and he has planted some selective slogans all around in the restro-bar of his relating to sexual awareness, sex education, sexual slangs, and safe sex for today’s youth.

I will not indulge much into these quirky, wild n kinky natures of the slogans, displays and furniture at Chull, but move straight on to the food n drinks.

I was there a couple of weeks earlier – and we did have some hiccups with the ambiance and service. Though the quality of food was excellent but the service quality kind of spoiled everything.

So we tried to give it a second chance and went again last week. The experience was much better this time. The service was proper and the food quality was also quite decent.

Since we were trying only mock-tails and veggie food, the choices for drinks were limited (normally they are at most of the restaurants). So we stuck to the safest bets – and tried a few types of shakes that the bar was specializing in. Not Bad – was the verdict, and then we moved on to food.

We started with the starters which were being served in irons (the kinds which are used by the press waalas). We kind of tried quite a few starters like the Paneer Tikkas, Moong Dal Ladoo, different types of Momos, Shakarkandi ki chaat, Dahi ke Kebabs etc. and then quickly moved on to the mains.

It was a very different type of presentation for the exclusive dish called a Dal Makhni Fondue. It in actuality was the traditional Dal Makhni served in a fondue pot with a naan and bread cut into pieces. It surely was one of the best Dal Makhni that you get in the restaurants, and I specially recommended it to my colleague when he went for a review, and he too loved it.

We then moved on to a few more dishes, namely the Paneer Makhani Platter and a Ghaas Poos and Bhutte ka Burger. On special recommendations we also tried the Red Sauce Pasta. The Pasta was awesome but we didn’t like the burger. Paneer Makhani Platter was also good and serving size was also good enough for two persons.

Overall we had a nice foodie experience both the times we visited Chull, and of course the décor and ambiance was one of the quirkiest one – which I also have not come across during my 20 plus years of career as a photojournalist. But it sure looked inviting for the youth crowd of today and I am sure they are going to love it, the youngsters in my group liked it.

Well, friends, specially teenaged and young friends from my list – why don’t you go out, try the ambiance and the food and then come back and give me some more feedback. Me waiting !!!!

Address: Sect 29, Gurgaon

Pics by Pradeep Chamaria and Parej Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: We went to do a review and our views are based on two visits. No money exchanged hands.


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