RICH’S GOURMET GUIDE – Confectionery Delights

Recently we had a chance to attend one of the bestest, awesome and the Sweetest event of year 2016. It was the RICH’S GOURMET GUIDE which was hosted by RICH GRAVISS PRODUCTS PVT LTD. It was an exclusive proprietary exhibition bringing International Food trends to its food service and bakery customers in India.

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At the event another great product ‘Bettercreme’ was showcased along with the Rich’s android app. Bettercreme is a one of the recent innovations and a unique non dairy product with buttery flavor, heavy mouthfeel and good stability. It is ideal for bakery preparations for making colourful & robust cake decorations.

Rich Graviss Products Pvt. Ltd. was formed as a result of a collaboration between M/s Rich Products Corporation (USA) and Graviss Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India). Today in India Rich’s produces a wide range of products for both the bakery as well as the food service segments.

Rich’s speciality of non-dairy whip toppings has made it a famous and a every household name. They launched Rich’s Whip Topping in 1996, which  sparked a revolution in the Indian bakery industry; as it became the first-ever and the largest-selling non-dairy whip topping of the country. The popularity, the market reputation and business growth of the brand has scaled new heights since then.

Rich’s in India has 2 manufacturing facilities at Pune (Maharashtra) & Kala Amb (Himachal Pradesh). The combined production capacity of both the plants is approx 24000 MT per annum. The company caters to more than 150 cities across 27 states through a highly competent cold chain distribution network.

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At the RICH’S GOURMET GUIDE, the visitors were treated to live demonstrating by expert chefs of the global trends in foods in event via applications of Rich’s existing products available in India.  The highlight of the event was the Showcase of more than 250 cakes in the show. The concept stalls giving live demos also enriched a visitor all the day long.

The show was organised with an objective to make bakery and food service customers aware of global trends and also global cuisines which could be made using Rich’s Products. The purpose was to inform and upgrade the quality of offerings of both bakery and food service operators to general public.

P.S. Please enjoy each picture individually you to entertain your self virtually. 

Sweetest pictures ever clicked by me  


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