Amazing herbal tea mixtures by Kairali

4Recently I received a parcel containing three different types of Kairali Ayurvedic Herbal Tea. These are proprietary products that a research team at Kairali has developed.

The tea mixtures are prepared after a careful selection of the medicinal plants at Kairali. The tea mixtures are formulated to ensure improve health and well-being of the user. They act as a vital supplement to help body absorb more nutrients from the food, improve metabolism, boost blood circulation, promote mental calmness and build immunity against diseases.

These tea mixtures have no added flavors and preservatives and are a fine blend of herbs and natural spices with no caffeine content and are rich in anti-oxidants.

I received three different types, namely Arogya, Yuvan, and Taahira. They came packed in a wonderful wooden box specially made for storing the tea. Just a look at the colourful box made me feel relaxed.


This variety of Kairali’s herbal tea is a unique blend of herbs and fruit spices which relaxes you while providing you with numerous health benefits. It is a natural concoction with no additives, preservative or caffeine, and gives a delicious and healthy alternative to regular tea.

Arogya reminded me of my mother – she used to make a similar kind of concoction whenever anyone had a cold at home. For me this brew prepared by my loving mother had an excellent healing effect because just one dose used to relieve me of deadly sessions of sneezing and running nose.

I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this Arogya Tea. The aroma was fantastic and the tea was quite flavourful. The tea made me feel warm and can be a great drink during winters. It contains Ginger & pepper elements to improve respiratory function and provides protection against seasonal fever, cough & cold. The Cinnamon extracts in the mixture helps reduce nausea and relieves stress and strain.


Yuvan herbal tea is the second of the mixtures in the pack. It makes an excellent brew that acts as a de-stresser and a revitaliser. Yuvan means youthfulness and this is an ideal blend of organic herbs in nature. The mix of raw herbs along with Rotula Aquatica and Tribulus Terrestris helps improve physical strength. Yuvan, as the name says, heals and detoxifies the body.

I was not able to accept this tea when I had it for the first time. It had a very very different taste and a strong flavour. It was like sipping one of those tonics that your doctor prescribes when you have cough and cold. But it got me hooked on as I tried it for the second time a few days later. It has helped me improve my physical strength, immunity and helped me recover asthma.


Taahira is the 3rd and the last mixture. It again is a great tea and helps in curing cold and cough symptoms. It also helps the body to relax and is an ideal source of natural spices and herbs.

Though all these teas can be consumed as they are, but for the persons who like their tea sweet, Kairali recommends using jaggery (Gur) instead of sugar to sweeten the drink. Best results are obtained when drunk hot and taken regularly.

For more information on these teas and also how to buy them – please visit


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