Ranthambore Festival – January 2017

Whenever anyone talks about the wildlife sanctuaries or any events associated with wildlife, a fire gets ignited in my mind. For me its an opportunity to go to a new place, see more of wildlife, and also savour new cuisine of that area. Those who know me, know that travel/nature and wildlife are my addictions.

Recently I was informed about the Ranthambore Festival which will be held on 27-29 January 2017 in Nahargarh Palace, Ranthambore. Ranthambore is well known to every Tiger lover in the world, and also the exquisite forts and palaces in this Rajasthan town attract a lot of tourists every year.

If you too love nature/wildlife and palaces, then this is the place that you should be in the first long weekend of 2017. You should celebrate the first long weekend of the year (the Republic Day weekend) with a national park holiday at the Ranthambore Festival in Rajasthan. The three-day festival puts the spotlight on the rich heritage of the region: both natural and man-made, with wildlife film screenings, folk music performances, and panel discussions with India’s leading conservationists. The festival also promises yoga workshops, a food festival and a pop-up art & crafts souk. .

Under the auspices of the Hon Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Smt Vasundhara Raje, this not-for-profit cultural festival is intended to be a unifying platform to bring together international and Indian musical luminaries, nature and wildlife conservationists, business thought leaders, and social influencers to consolidate and supercharge the music and nature conservation effort and influence a wide audience towards action.

Entry to the festival is free to promote the spirit of inclusion.

Nestled in the forests of Ranthambore lies Nahargarh Palace, our magnificent venue. It’s beautiful halls, courtyards, avenues, and terraces will play host to an enthralling selection of indigenous and international musical performances. This is in addition to interactive music workshops, Rajasthani folk art workshops, music and nature panel discussions, interactive talks, an open-air wildlife film festival, theatre, yoga workshops, a food festival and a popup art & crafts souk featuring Nicobar, Ayca, Okhai, Tokree, Dastkar, Dhonk, Shorshe, Teatro Dhora, Pench Pickle Project and other interesting not-for-profit and boutique brands.

This festival is a small effort to increase inclusion and knowledge sharing in both music and nature conservation and I hope you can help us spread the word.

Details:  Visit www.ranthamborefestival.org

And also the festival’s Facebook page for the schedule, details on passes, and updates.

Getting There:  Nahargarh is 166 km/3.5 hr from Jaipur, which is the closest airport and is well connected to major cities. Taxis and air-conditioned buses ply between Jaipur and Ranthambore. Sawai Madhopur has a railway station that is 7.4 km/20 min from the hotel.




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