Getting a Tan at Tabula Beach Cafe

Hi friends, where did you spend this year’s severe winter? For me, I just wanted to go out to a sandy beach and soak into some sunlight. But somehow it didn’t happen for me (though I hope all you guys had a chance to get a tan on). So to makeup for the loss,I headed for Tabula Beach Cafe at the Asiad Village in Delhi, which still boasts beachy environs.

The cafe is located in the Asiad Village complex and is tucked inside the area. The cafe is quite peaceful and has a great menu full of world cuisine options for every foodie (American, Italian, Lebanese etc).

Both the sitting options – indoors as well as outdoors are lovely. We first sat indoors, but then shifted to the outdoor area to have a feel of the beachy vibes. The outdoor sitting area is just like a beach – sand, beach chairs and good music although sans the sea waves. A little hammock on the side adds to the feel of the place and you relish under the clear sky at a beach.

The indoor sitting area is also pretty and quite spacious. It includes a huge bar area as well as a separate stage area. The hanging bird cage lights give the space a gorgeous look.

We were here for a review, and we opted for a Veggie food and mocktails.  And we requested the Executive Chef to serve us his signature veggie dishes.

We started with the mocktails menu and wanted to try out a few shakes, but since their blender was not working, we had to settle for Iced teas only.

My colleague had the Tabula Beach signature Iced Tea, which was a mixture of Green Tea, Apple Ginger, dried Coconut crumbles, and fresh Lime Soda. And I opted for a Double Berry Cooler consisting of Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange juice and soda.

Our initial drinks were delayed and took some time to be served. Both the drinks were kind of okayish and did not paint a good frame for the café. But I guess; since it was a beachy café, the cocktails would have had been a better choice.

So we now wanted our food to be served fast. And the polite service at the café really floored us on this account. We started with Slow Roasted Mushrooms, a great dish. It was served with Red wine balsamic onions, herb croutons, and shredded parmesan spinach.

It was one of the best mushroom dishes I have tasted till date. The herb croutons added texture to the dish, and the shredded spinach added a landscapic appearance to the presentation.

We then had Asparagus and smoked Cheese parcels, Filo pastry stuffed with Gouda, mild cheddar and served with pineapple salsa. It really was a great Cheese dish with pineapple salsa adding wonders to the taste.

It was followed by Homemade Falafel Sliders with Paprika Hummus, Shredded cabbage, burnt garlic and grilled tomato shot. This was a new look given to Falafel n Hummus and we loved it.

We were already into a beachy mood even on a very very cold day of January 2017. And what followed next was simply amazing. The Kitchen Special Khao Suey, a traditional Burmese delicacy made us go ma-ma-mia. The Khao Suey consists of curried vegetable and cold pressed coconut milk broth. It is normally served with spring onion, fried Onions, Garlic, Coriander Chilli paste and roasted crisp peanuts. It surely was the winner of the day and we recommend it to everyone visiting Tabula Beach Café.

We then had Grilled Polenta with Zucchini; served with Pesto sauce and caramalised onions. The grilled Polenta though was not up to the mark that other dishes have setup. It looked pretty great, the presentation was awesome, but it was just an okayish dish.

For a change and to our surprise, we were still hungry and wanted more to eat. On our request we were then served a Pasta preparation by the chef and we savoured that too. It again was quite delicious with very less cheese.I liked the taste and texture as I prefer less cheese.

Over to the sweetest time of our meal – time to savour the Desserts. And we had the chef recommend for us and serve the Tabula Beach Chocolate Fondue, caramelized marshmallows dunked in hot chocolate sauce. It was a great dessert, so mouth watering… super yummy chocolate dessert!!!

Well, our great time was coming to an end. It was a wintery afternoon, so we wanted to have something before leaving, and tried their signature Coffee – The 8 O’clock coffee – coffee with Mint flavour. Absolutely soul satisfying Coffee it was.

We loved the food and hospitality at Tabula Beach. It surely was a great experience of soaking in the sun at a beach in Delhi itself.


Our ratings:

Ambiance: 4/5   Food: 4.5/5    Drinks:3.5/5  Hospitality: 4.5/5

Address: Asiad Village, Siri Fort, Delhi – entrance thru Gate 4

Cost: For 2 Rs. 2000/- approx  (With Alcohol)

All photography by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. The views expressed are based entirely on our experiences on what we ordered on a particular day and time. The views are entirely unbiased, but you need to keep this in mind while considering this review.


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