International Barbecue Festival

We recently visited Café Knosh at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi to celebrate barbeque from around the world with live grills at the International Barbecue Festival being organised there from 27th January 2017 till 12th February 2017.

It was a perfect sunny day after an unseasonal rainy day in the Capital, and the spirits of the entire staff, exec. Chef Rohit Tokhi and Ms Devashree Mahajan, Marcom Head were soaring with all the chefs busy cooking some of the best BBQ dishes.

It was held at the outdoor patio with exciting settings of American Food trucks, Oriental styled displays of partially cooked whole pieces of chicken, duck etc., British tables and beautiful canopies. The ambiance was further livened by some English retro music and occasional water droplets from the tower above.

The colourful landscape painted by the display of various desserts, breads n buns, salads, and live counters was awesome and I just got glued on the desserts table, first of all clicking pictures and then self serving them for myself. Relishing these amazing desserts was another heavenly experience.

As soon as we comfortably sat under one of the canopy and started enjoying our drinks, the food dishes started flowing one after the other. Exec. Chef earlier made it sure that pork items were not served to non-pork eaters and similar for veggies and non-veggies by rearranging the seatings of few of the media.

I was lucky to have another veggie partner on my table in form of Ms Aparna, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our veggie BBQ dishes. We tasted Okra skewers and Tofu and Leek skewers form the Oriental section. All these skewers were served with a variety of sauces – Chili garlic, chili bean, soya garlic, peanut, and Teriyaki.

For the European section we tried Grilled Cottage cheese steaks, German Potato Salad, and Home style Potato chips. German Potato salad deserves special mention here – it was as good as you get it in Germany. And from the American section we tried the Corn and jalapeno Burger and Mashed potato.

On my special request, we were also served the Multani Paneer and Annanas ki Tinkey from our own Indian section.

Pics of some non – veggie dishes

All these servings were amazingly tasty, but not enough to make a veggie like me full. So it was time now for me to try out some great Salads from the salad counter and I feasted on the fruit and the corn salad. I also sampled a few cheese from the Cheese platter before turning my full attention to the desserts counter.

Finally form the desserts counter; I filled up my plate with pieces of Black Forest, fresh Strawberry cake, and other tasty desserts before returning to my table. This made Aparna also go and come back with a plateful of desserts. Exec. Chef Rohit on seeing this couldn’t stop himself from coming to our table and informing us about one more special dessert of the day – Barbequed fresh fruits with ice cream. But I had to say sorry to him, as I was in a hurry and had to leave before this dessert could be served. But I am sure this also would have been amazing.

Well friends, I did have a gala time at the festival – and recommend it to everyone – Go celebrate and enjoy the season’s fresh vegetables, meat, seafood and fish grilled to perfection and served with global marinades for just RS 1300 or USD 22 with chilled beer at Café Knosh at the Leela Ambiance Convention Hall in East Delhi – the festival is on till 12th February 2017 only.


Our Ratings

Ambiance n décor: 4/5    Food n Drinks: 4.5/5    Service 4.5/5     Hospitality 5/5

Address: Café Knosh, Leela Ambiance Convention Hall, Delhi

Cost for one : INR 1300/- Plus taxes

All photography by Pradeep Chamaria for

Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. The views expressed are based entirely on our experiences on what we ordered on a particular day and time. The views are entirely unbiased, but you need to keep this in mind while considering this review.


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