Govinda – Hero no 1 at Super Fight League no 1 at Delhi

Govinda, better known as Hero No 1, was I Delhi recently to promote his upcoming film AaGayaa Hero, scheduled to be released on 3rd March 2017. Govinda has been a well-known name in Bollywood for years now, but various other pre-occupations  and a  variety of controversies kept him away from films. But he was at his candid best when we tried to talk to him his next release when we met him at the Super Fight League venue.

Thoug we did get a chance to shoot a couple of his pictures but due to his busy and tight schedule we did not get a chance to pose direct questions at him and had to be content overhearing the Q n A wit others during the press meet.

He gave us poses as a super fighter himself and smilingly said that he has come to attend another event and did not wan to promote his film here. He said that during his career when he was at his prime, he did 49 films and now as he sits down and thinks – it surprises him too – how he did those 49 films. He said that this was possible only because of his hard work I’ve put in and added that its all about hard work and talent that works.  And also advised the youth of today to do hard work.

Abou this new film he hoped that this will also surprise the audiences just like his previous films. He said that he is a strong believer in himself, and because of this everyone believes in him.  He has just worked hard, kept his belief in God and left all this to him.

He concluded that he was just waiting AaGayaa Hero to release since no film of his has been released for a long time.

And he then rushed in to greet his fans in the Super Fight League arena.


Video Link: 

Govinda at Super Fight League for promotion of his upcoming film Aa Gayaa Hero


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