Rendezvous with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Recently it was one great chance for me to come face to face with celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor at a recent event organised by LT Foods Ltd. LT Foods Ltd. is a leading global Basmati Company, and the event was to share culinary experiences across two continents, by Chef Joseph “JJ” Jhonson of the Cecil and Minton’s, New York and India’s own Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

LT Foods is one of  the leading basmati company with brands Royal and Daawat and is actively promoting Basmati globally . Ad at the event,  LT Foods did a great job by bringing these highly awarded chefs together, and the Chefs did live demo cooking of their signature basmati recipes.

We met Chef Sanjeev Kapoor after the cooking demo, and he shared some of his thoughts with us in a very candid manner. He said that he never wanted to be a chef during his childhood. He instead wanted to be an architect.


He said his interest in cooking developed at home, when he used to help his father in preparing non-veggie dishes. His mother being a vegetarian, he and his father had to cook their own food of non-vegetarian dishes. This is where he fell in love with cooking and restis history.

Over the years now, he has cooked for many a dignitaries including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who broke his fast with Kapoor’s vegetarian food during his UAE visit.

Mr Kapoor was the first to start a TV show on cooking, and his signature show which used to be telecast on ZEE TV, Khana Khazana. The show is one of the longest running show in any category on TV; it has been there for over 18 years now. The show is telecast in more than 120 countries. He is also an celebrity author on cooking with over 10 million copies sold of his about 36 titles.

Mr Kapoor also talked about the current scenario in Food industry and said that because of Globalisation, eating out has increased manifold, people have started talking about healthy food and younger generation has moved towards junk food.

In the end, he had some advice for the budding chefs of today, and said that the only road to success and fame is to Work hard, and work from the heart. The aim should be to do good, cook good tasty food and win hearts of your patrons, and not just want to become a celebrity chef. He said that – “Let your work speak for you, if you do good, people will appreciate it and automatically make you a celebrity.”


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