Hudson Chopsticks – a great Delivery outlet

Yesterday we happened to receive our Dinner options delivered from Hudson Chopsticks, which is a delivery and takeaway venture by Hudson Café. They serve some good authentic Chinese food.

We were served Veggie Dimsums, Chili Paneer, Haka Noodles, HongKong vegetables, Lemon Rice, and Choco Lava cake. The delivery was prompt and the packaging was also great. The included every cutlery item in their packing and the food was delivered in food quality black containers.

The food was smelling great and we could not wait even for our photographer to click the pictures and stared digging in.

Haka Saka Noodles was the best dish of the entire lot, perfect in taste, presentation and freshness. Veggie Dimsums was ranked second in taste and quality with Lemon rice following up at a close third position. The lemon preparation was well balanced with a great aroma.

Chilli paneer and HongKong veggies were also good, but would have preferred them a little bit less spicier. I don’t think authentic Chinese Chili Tofu or the veggies they serve in HK are that spicy.

And you know my love for desserts. Also I am fanatically in love with Choco lava cakes, and they have done full justice with what they have sent me. I just microwaved it and it was perfect, leaving me long for more.


Hudson Chopsticks will now certainly be on my list of great n authentic Chinese food. The additional advantage is this that they are close to my home and very quick and efficient in delivery.


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