Grand Launch of “Ministry of Beer”

It was the occasion of mega launch of a very different kind of ministry in CP the other day. Yes friends, it was a Ministry of Beer, a exotic Lounge spread over three floors. The launch saw all the glitterati of town thronging the place and waiting to find an empty seat to sit down.

It was absolutely a packed hose, and at one stage of time, we had to move out to make seats for a few elegant ladies. It should be counted as one of the most anticipated launch of 2017. Elegant foreigner girls serving beer in huge mugs and trying to convince you to drink it saying “its free today” made me feel awestruck.

The ambiance gave me a feel of a feel of an ultra-modern restaurant with innovative drinks, tasty food and also molecular gastronomy. We tried some veggie delicacies like Paneer Tikka, Chili Mushroom, Aloo Tikki Burgers, molecular popcorn, Nitrogen Imly Lollipops, Water Melon cubes, Stuffed Tacos, Veggie tiny baskets, Miniature Tomato Cheese combos, and for drinks we sampled Strawberry crush and Orange Delight.

I think there is no need to reveal further details as it was a general launch on 25th Feb and we just sampled a few of the dishes that will be included in the menu. The media review event I guess will be after a few days and then I will come up with a detailed review.

So guys, chill till then and have a nice spring time in town.


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