Going Desi at of Mother India

Lately Delhi, now the gastronomic capital of India has been seeing a lot of new outlets coming up featuring either live grills or serving a mixed menu of all the rich culinary diversity of the country. Mother India located in CP is another great attempt in trying and serving the great regional foods of India.

MI has a vast menu and lists different varieties of food compiled from different parts of India. Two travel addicts are behind this great outlet, and being big time travelers, Neeraj and Nandini have tried to put forward their experiences through the vast menu. They have carefully chosen all the dishes from all over the country and Mother India truly represents the rich culinary diversity of our mother country, India.

The moment you enter the restaurant, you feel like walking into a vintage Indian home from the colonial era. You feel like entering an old setting in a big haveli baithak (Living room) with different Indian memorabilia, black and white family style photographs and artifacts, travel souvenirs and antique furniture giving the ambiance a nostalgic look and feel. There is sitting space for about 100 guests at a time. There’s also a balcony seating arrangement and the view is awesome from the mezzanine floor. The lightings are hypnotising and further enhance the magical looks.

Conveniently located in the outer circles on the ground floor of the H Block Connaught Place, Delhi, MI is certainly going to make a big name in traditional and authentic Indian dining.

The focus is not only on authentic Indian style food, but the owners have also given a modern twist to the traditional ingredients to attract not just Indian food lovers but also of foreign tourists. You see, the entire world should know and experience the rich taste of multiple styles of Indian cuisine. Even the beverage menu feature a lot of traditional Indian beverages and mocktails inspired from age old formulas from our ancestors.

We were here for a media review, and were very well attended by the owners as well as the staff. Traditional welcome with a Tika on our forehead and garlanding made us feel at home the moment we entered MI.


We started with a few traditional Indian drinks like Agre ka Jal Jeera, and a blue lagoon mocktail, and Madurai ka Rasam with Papuddum. Jal Jeera was very simple and soothing.

For the munchies with the drinks we had a lot of options, and we opted for a mix bag from various states of India. Chaat waale Teekhe Ananaas was the best preparation in the starters section, with Sitaram bazaar Malai Paneer and Dawat E Dahi following it very closely. We also had the authentic Khumb Ganderi Kebab, skewed on Sugarcane sticks.

Teekah ananaas was superbly prepared. Chunks of Pineapples were perfectly marinated with a spicy Indian mix and then roasted to give you an amazing sweet and sour taste. The pineapple tastes spicy at first with all the spices added and then leaves a sweet sensation on your tongue a little time later.

For the main course, we ordered Exotic veggie Kachumber Salad, Dal Panchmel, and Jalandhar da Palak Paneer along with a few varieties of Indian breads.

As usual our foodie journey with Mother India ended with sweet tooth after tasting delicious Jalebies and Phirni. Using Phirni as a dip for the jalebies enhanced the tastes of both the desserts.


We were full be this time and very happy to have come at Mother India for this review and departed after thanking and promising a second visit soon. Friends, MI is open now for regular meals now, and if you really love food and want to have it like your mother makes it, don’t miss Mother India.


Our Ratings

Food: 4/5                               Drinks: 4/5                                          Service: 4.5/5

Photography by Sheela Chamaria for exatraveller.

Story framed on inputs from Sheela and Praveen

Disclaimer: We were here for a media review and our views are based on a particular day and time of our visit. Differences can be noticed when one actually visits the place. No money exchanged hands.



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