Kool Buntas at Bunta Bar

As soon as one hear the word Bunta, a smile adorns his face. Either he is reminded of some famous Santa-Banta jokes, or the super duper Desi drinks served in Bunta bottles make him feel thirsty. For me, as summers are already here, I thought only of some real tasty flavours of cool drinks as I approached Bunta Bar for a review.

Bunta Bar does not have a very difficult address to locate at Janpath, CP. Contrary to our usual practice of reaching a restaurant before the Scheduled time, this time we were late. So we rushed in to the second floor where Bunta Bar is located and luckily found an empty table.

As we entered the restaurant, the Mural light installation on wall amused me. The main area was installations of empty bunta soda bottles done in very artistic way. All over the place it was bunta bottles, and they were an integral part of arches and chandeliers. Peacocks and other motif fresco done with threads also added a kitsch feel to the ambiance.

It is a large spacious place with non-clustered simple comfortable sitting units. It also has an open terrace area which looked as a great option in the right weather conditions,

The servings have already started, and the friendly staff immediately made me comfortable with a smile and handed over the menu for the day, I selected Banta Kala khatta, and it arrived it in its desi original avatar. I also tried Mango surprise, Amm Panna and one more flavour. All the flavours were spicy and balanced. Aam panna  was the best among all the bantas.

Moving on to food now, we were served the Bunta special fries followed by Mangodi Vadas, Chilli Paneer, and pizzas with two different toppings – Soya nuggets and Paneer Tikka. The Mangodi Vadas were superb – reminding me of masala Vadas made at home.

We also had Beetroot and Cream Cheese Bread Rolls and Spicy Cheese Balls for starters and liked them too.

Well, because of a large gathering of bloggers, the service was slow, I fed on a lot of starters that were served on our table, and as a result I was full, but then the waiters suggested trying the Dal Makhani, which they said is the best you can find in CP. So we went for it and also ordered Paneer Butter Masala along with Roti and Naans. The Dal Makhani really an unique dish here, was creamy in texture and had a strong smoked wood flavor. The smoky flavour it different from what we generally have elsewhere- It’s a a must have for every visitor.

Desserts are the favorite part of my meal, and I was served Kajoor Brownie- Kismis Caramel, which was just a normal outsourced dessert.

I have a suggestion here – infact it’s a question – Why do restaurants serve this brownie thing with ice cream. This dessert infact has nothing to do with a Chef or the restaurant. Both the ingredients are outsourced. So as a suggestion I would have loved to try out some other in-house prepared dessert, but it was not there.

We were here for a review and there were a lot of us in the restaurant and that too at rush hours, hence the waiters were struggling to give their best, and we found the service a bit slow and erratic. But otherwise, Bunta bar is known for good service, great ambiance great food, and the Buntas are the best here.


Our ratings:

Food: 4/5              Drinks: 4/5        Ambiance:4/5       Service: 3.5/5

Address: 2nd Floor, 76, Janpath, New Delhi

Cost for two: INR1300/- with alcohol

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: We were here for a media review and our views are totally un-biased. No money exchanged hands, and our views are based on the day and time of review. It might be different on the day and time of your visit.



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