Rejuvenation at Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, Delhi


Hi friends, have you ever been to Chattarpur/Andheria area in Delhi? Yes, I have to go there regularly and I always try to avoid it because of the rush in the area. It’s a concrete jubgle out there and even crossing a road takes a toll on you. But when I recently happened to visit the Kairali Center in the area – it was like an Oasis; it is such a peaceful and relaxing nature retreat, tucked away inside the Andheria area. The reception area was like an ancient temple courtyard – floral decorations, a big Diya lighted in front of a big picture of a deity, and the fragrances of the healing oils made the ambiance hypnotic.

This is Kairali where the ancient tradition is still alive. They make use of hands and ancient techniques to provided treatment to ailing souls or even to those who come here for…

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