5 ways to ‘Be at the Heat’ in Goa

As the heat wave sweeps across India, think about riding the cool waves along the sandy shores of Goa. enjoy a sundown boat cruise along river Mandovi, or a dip in the river waters when the sunrays dip for the day or enjoy at the Snow Park in Baga.


Visit the hinterlands and wildlife sanctuaries at Bondla, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary,     Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and the very scenic Dudhsagar waterfalls and feel the cool wind brush against your cheeks.


Be hydrated as the season offers some cool and exotic juices and drinks. Sip on some ‘feni’, savour on some juices from the famous mango fruit ‘Mankurad’ and ‘coconut water’. Don’t miss out on the ‘Kokum’ that will keep you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Shop for some cool clothing at Night Bazaars where cottons in vibrant colours will give you the feel cool effect in Goa. Shop in some boutiques and malls for summer accessories.


Enjoy rural Goa on a bike or a cycle and enjoy capturing some scenic selfies or simply join the local lads as they fish in little water bodies or play football under a cool green natural canopy.5



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