Apples – the Original Health Fruit

I always have been a fruit lover, and Apples come second in the chart of my likings (of course Mango tops the chart). Apples have long been known as the Original Health Fruit for life. Every Doc also recommends eating apples. But who wants to go to a doctor? I don’t! so What to do? Well, I really believe in the saying that, “An apples a day keeps the doc away.”

Recently I joined Washington Apple Commission in celebrating World Health Day 2017, to taste a few delicacies prepared out of apples and to unveil the Washington Apple Cook Book in India. You see, when you talk of fruits, Apples, I cant stay away from any event promoting apples.


It was the occasion of world health day, and I guess no other day would have been appropriate for Washington Apple Commission (WAC) to launch the Washington Apple Cook Book in association with Grehlakshmi magazine in New Delhi. The book highlights the health benefits of Washington apples with an array of unique apple recipes from various celebrity chefs & home chefs. It also emphasizes on why the #OriginalHealthFruit should be a part of your daily lifestyle.

The launch was graced by Mr. John Slette, Senior Attaché for Agricultural Affairs, US Embassy, New Delhi, Ms. Rebecca Lyons, International Marketing Director, WAC, Mr. Keith Sunderlal, India Representative, WAC, Ms Vandana Verma, Executive Editor of Grehlakshmi magazine, Dr. H.K Chopra, Renowned Cardiologist along with Celebrity Chef Sabyasachi Gorai.

During the launch event, an exciting an exciting cooking competition was also organised to showcase the versatility and usage of apples in various dishes. It brought together 10 chefs who presented plated Washington apple recipes. Out of these, 4 best finalists were chosen to participate in the mystery cookery box challenge. This challenge involved creating an innovative Washington apple dish with mystery ingredients. Chef Ritu Aggarwal presented Cold Washington Apple Pizza and bagged the winner title.

Commenting at the launch, Mr. Keith Sunderlal, India Representative, WAC, said, “We are happy to collaborate with Grehlakshmi to launch the Washington Apple Cook Book. The book is a synonym to good health & wellbeing clubbed with some unique recipes that can add a dash of magic to one’s kitchen. It not only showcases several health benefits of Washington apples but also includes on how they play an important role in our daily diet.”

Celebrity Chef Sabyasachi Gorai added, “An apple is a storehouse of nutrition and with that comes good health. I use Washington apples in salads, finely chopped or grated in yogurt, shakes, smoothies or breakfast cereal along with some nuts. Washington apples have their own natural sugar so there is no need for additional sugar, making the meal deliciously healthy. Other ways to enjoy Washington apples is to add them in sweet and savories and what excites my palate are those heavenly crumbles, pies and bakes using sumptuous apples.”

Mr. Manish Verma, Director, Grehlakshmi magazine added, “We are very pleased that Washington Apples have partnered with us to communicate the power and benefits of the #OriginalHealthFruit. With our massive reach across India, we believe our women readers, will instantly connect with the book and inculcate the habit of consuming apples for a fitter family.”

So, the next time you feel like munching something, walk past the chips and colas and head straight for sweeter, juicier, crunchier, tastier Washington apple. You deserve to live fit and longer, yes?

What are you waiting for man? Go grab an apple, and your copy today and have some fun with Washington Apples!

About Washington Apple Commission:

The Washington Apple Commission is an industry initiated self-governing body made up of apple growers and packers from Washington. The Commission is responsible for product promotion, advertising and development of international markets of Washington Apples. The Commission coordinates an international marketing program consisting of trade and consumer promotion, public relations and advertising to promote and expand world-wide demand for Washington Apples.

About The SCS Group:

The SCS Group is an agribusiness consulting firm based in Gurgaon, specializing in marketing, international trade and communications strategy related to food, beverage and agricultural products. The firm has an intimate understanding of the evolving tastes and purchasing patterns of premium foods by the Indian consumer as their disposable incomes grow and they integrate into the global economy. The SCS Group represents the Washington Apple Commission in India.

About Grehlakshmi Magazine:

Grehlakshmi is ranked as the No. 1 women’s monthly in Hindi. With a current print run of 3,70,000 copies, Grehlakshmi reaches out to 40 lac readers every month. With the content being the right mix of Cookery, Health, Beauty, Social awareness, Stories, Humour, Teen Talk, Bollywood, Interviews, Career etc.  The magazine is a magazine for the entire family.


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